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How to Cite a PowerPoint- Simple and Basic Methods

How to Cite a PowerPoint?

Most of us rely on PowerPoint when we give a presentation or do a project in various fields of work, so knowing how to cite a PowerPoint is a vital task. A lot of us are not aware of how to do so. Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to cite a PowerPoint that will include all the texts, images. Moreover, even the charts that one might add to the presentation.

Why is the Citation so Important?

Well, to cite any document that you are using for any purpose is extremely important. A well-cited document or presentation implies that the sources through which the data has been gathered are genuine and trusted. Moreover, a lot of times, the copyright issue might come into play as well if you are planning to publish the presentation on a public platform.

Different Sorts of Citations in a PowerPoint- 

There are severe ways to cite in a PowerPoint. Moreover, the different parts of the Powerpoint can be cited in a different manner.

The Pictures-
How to cite a PowerPoint

If you are trying to use some pictures in your PowerPoint, make sure that you use the proper Citation for them. The best and easiest way to add the source is by adding it into the subtext right under the picture. Here, you can write the source of where you have got the image from.

The Videos-

In order to cite a video in your PPT, it is a must to know the source of it. Moreover, the source of the video that you will be using in the PowerPoint has to be a well-trusted one. Once you find and verify the source of the video, you have to note down the link or URL of it. Now, after checking and copying the URL, you have to mention the site’s name right under the video. How to write the name of the site in the below subtext of the video will be disclosed later.

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Any CharT or Graph-

Now, after the videos, and the pictures, the chart has a very similar method. However, the primary concern with using the chart in the ppt is that you have to cross-check its authenticity. There are a lot of bogus charts and graphs that you might find online that reflect fake data. So make sure that you use genuine research-based charts and diagrams only.

Article or Statement-

Another element that needs proper Citation is the bits or articles and statements that you might gather from trusted sources. However, a lot of people who make ppt are not aware of this kind of Citation. If you take the exact information and quote it in your PPT, you must give proper citations. It can land you in great sorts of troubles if you fail to do so.

How to Cite in a Proper Manner? 


Now, let’s come to the major topic and see how one can cite it in an elementary and easy method. Most of the citations for the pictures, videos and graphs remain the same. One has to ad the source of the site or book in the subtext right under them.

Be it an image or a pie chart that you have gathered from a source. If you want to cite them in the PowerPoint, then press “enter” and take the cursor right below it. From here, you have to go to the insert tab and find the font size and then choose it to 7 or 8. That is as compared with the size of your pic video or graph.

Cite a Sentence in PowerPoint- 

Now, here we have a different way to cite when it comes to the sentence. For this, you can use the element of subscript and add a citing note to the sentence. In this manner, you can add various citations to the ppt by labelling them with numbers. However, make sure that you make the labelling and the key to the numbers in check so that the sources and the numbers linked to them don’t mismatch.

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Sources and Citation Page

Once you have marked all the citations in your PPT, then you can make a separate page. On this dedicated page in your PowerPoint, you have to mention all the references that you have gathered for your PPT.

Some Tips To Keep in Mind- 


Now that you know and understand how to cite a PowerPoint, here are some small tips that can leave a huge impact on your Powerpoint skills.

  • Keep it crisp– Many people make the mistake of making the PowerPoint too long and use complicated language, which instantly cuts the reader’s attention. So, try your best to keep a small number of slides in your PPT and in those slides, you don’t write big and boring paragraphs.
  • Add more Images- This is a fine tip to keep your PowerPoint interstring. People usually ignore the long texts in a PPT. However, the images that you add will surely grab their attention. You can add a lot of informative photos to add more value to the topic that you are covering in the PPT.
  • More Graphs and Charts- Just like the images, the graphs and charts will also help you to convey your point in a better way, better than text.
  • Give More Example- Moreover, if you want to get your point across better in the PowerPoint, then try giving out more precise and apt examples.
  • Editing- Don’t overdo any editing on your PPT. When it comes to the PPT Templates and data, the simpler is better. Moreover, you can add some simple touches on your Windows or Mac system to enhance the outlook of the entire PPT.


We hope that now you will know how to cite a PowerPoint presentation in the best and easiest methods. Also, make sure that you mention all the additional items that you add in your PPT. Also, try to gather the data from the most trusted places that you can find. A random site on the internet won’t count as a trusted source. Make sure to put some efforts while surfing for the sources to find the best one.