Litecoin Casino Games

What Can Litecoin Casino Games Offer Me?

Litecoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies you can use at internet betting sites. However, if you choose the right casino, you will not just be able to deposit and withdraw using Litecoin – you will also find yourself able to wager with LTC on casino games. What kinds of LTC games can you play, and what other information do you need to know? We are here to help with our gambling guide to Litecoin casino games.

What Are Litecoin-Friendly Casino Games?

Every type of online casino game can fit nicely into a genre. “Slots” is a descriptive category, and this overarching genre covers all sorts of titles. What about Litecoin games, though? As you might imagine, Litecoin casino games are those titles that you can play and wager LTC on, not merely games that appear at casinos that permit Litecoin deposits. Naturally, not every casino game is Litecoin-friendly, but most of the major ones are.

Available Litecoin Games

The availability of Litecoin casino games depends entirely on the software providers who produce casino titles. Some have gone out of their way to ensure that you can play a top selection of casino games with Litecoin. Others have not yet incorporated this into their titles’ designs. Because of this, you cannot expect to play every single casino game with Litecoin. However, many of the top titles will work well with LTC bets, and these include online slots, both RNG (random number generator) and live dealer table games, video poker and even instant win titles.

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Are There Litecoin Bonuses?

One of the hallmarks of a top Litecoin casino is that it will permit you to claim Litecoin casino bonuses. These can then be used to play gambling games with LTC wagers. This is different from claiming a generic welcome bonus, which may not be available for use on Litecoin games. For this reason, we would always recommend reading the terms and conditions of any bonus you intend on claiming to ensure that you bet on Litecoin games with it.

Can I Win Litecoin Jackpot Prizes?

While most major casino games have been developed (or redeveloped) to ensure that they are Litecoin-friendly, there are some notable exceptions. Major progressive jackpot slot machines such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are often excluded from the array of Litecoin casino games that you can play. The notion of paying out millions of dollars in prizes in Litecoins is just not feasible for many casinos. However, this does not mean that you cannot find Litecoin progressive jackpot slots, though.

What About Litecoin Tournaments?

If you happen to sign up at the absolute best Litecoin casinos out there, then not only can you find Litecoin games and bonuses to use on them, but you may also come across slot tournaments, perhaps even table game competitions that can be played with Litecoin. The exact terms and conditions and entry requirements will vary from site to site, but Litecoin casino game tournaments are very much a reality.


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