Marilyn Manson no Makeup

Best Marilyn Manson No Makeup Pics and Some Bizarre Facts!

Marilyn Manson Without Makeup at Several Events

We all love the gothic rockstar Marilyn Manson. The loveable rock band singer has a lot of fans across the globe for his distinctive music and outlook. Marilyn Manson can catch anyone’s eye almost immodestly with his peculiar style and makeup.

This long carried gothic persona has made him a legendary style icon for many fashion enthusiasts. Marilyn Manson loves to don himself in the best outfits that he has, along with his makeup at all times! Hence, it is rare for the dear fans to catch him in his clear and natural look. Many paparazzi have tried to catch him off guard, but most of them have failed.

Sometimes, he himself comes out of the get-up and may post a no-filter or no makeup selfie on his Instagram. In this article about the rockstar, we are going to share some all-natural pics of Marilyn Manson without makeup. Moreover, we are also going to share some fun facts about the yesteryear rockstar, so stick around!

Marilyn Manson All Natural Pics!

The Showstopper!


This was a time where he had to act in a T.V. show, so he had to leave behind his looks and gothic dress code outside! While shooting for a series for H.B.O., people were shocked to see their rock and roll idol in such a casual and low-profile roll. So along with the regular clothes, Marilyn Manson also had to let out his natural skin and hairstyle so that he could fit in the role perfectly! Manson has appeared in various roles in different T.V. shows and movies. Needless to say, that is a phenomenal actor as well! 

Keeping it Cool!

Marilyn Manson no makeup

In one of the rare photos of Marilyn Manson, the fans can see him rocking out a cool and casual look with a bright coloured tee and a cool hat. It is only fair enough to say that it is not impossible to see him having a career in rap after looking at this picture.

So many people love the pic because no one was expecting Marilyn Manson to wear such clothes. He is mainly seen wearing black colour only. Moreover, you can hardly ever catch him wearing a sleeveless shirt. Like a true rockstar, he is mostly about leather and latex only!

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Young and Restless

Marilyn Manson no makeup

Marilyn Manson started his career as a rockstar quite early in his life. However, there was still a brief period where he was still trying to find his niche. There are some pics of him during those early days. These early-day pics are a reminder of how Marilyn used to be before he found his unique outlook as a certified rockstar.

Out on the streets

Marilyn Manson no makeup

It is extremely rare to see Manson out in public without any strong disguise or get up. However, there are several instances where he was caught off guard. Just like the pic above, he sometimes let the whole image slide and keeps it natural. No matter how well you try to keep your stage persona alive, there will always be a time when you are out with your dear ones, and the fans or the press will snap you!

For the Show


Again, here we have Mr Manson without his eccentric dress and makeup. This time again, it is due to a shoot that he was a part of. Thankfully because of these shows and cameos that he is a part of, we can see a totally different side of Marilynn’s personality.

Recent One


Lately, Marilyn has been going very easy with the gothic rockstar image. He likes to chill out whenever he makes an appearance out in public now. That is why we can find in various public events without the entire eccentric get up. Thanks to the vigilant paparazzi and various fans that take a pic whenever he is outside for a music event or any other outing! 

With La Familia

No matter how rough these rockstars try to look, in the end, they are also someone’s son, brother or father. It was lovely to see Marylin Manson hanging out with his family, just like a regular man. While he was around the family in the picture, we can see that the black and white makeup patterns are not on his face. This pic is also special because this shows a softer and kinder side of the heavy metal legend!

Some Unknown Facts About Marilyn Manson

Johnny Depp and Manson Have Something in Common!

Yes, you read that right! Both of these famous celebrities have a matching body tattoos! As you might already know, Marilyn has several tattoos on his body as he simply loves the art. However, an unknown fact that a lot of people are not aware of is that he and Johnny Depp have the same tattoo! The tattoo supposedly says, “No Reason”.

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Many Appearance

As we mentioned above, Marilyn can be seen in a lot of movies and shows that he has done throughout his career. Marilyn Manson compliments the screen perfectly in some Hollywood movies or some short cameos in the T.V. shows. When playing a role on the screen, we can see Marilyn Manson without any makeup! The small yet crucial roles that he has played in the movies and shows were also done with remarkable commitment.

Not Just Music! 

Manon is not only about a musician rocking out performances and recording songs. Being an extremely creative person, Marilyn loves to create and exhibit art. In the late 90’s he took this artistic touch very seriously. He went on to draw or paint several works of art. Later, these arts were also put up for auctions, where they did exceptionally well. However, according to the reports, several artworks were put up for sale for the purpose of charity. This shows creative Marylin actually is and how much he loves to create art! 

Loves Willy Wonka! 

People may perceive Marilyn to be this satanic and dark heavy metal rockstar. However, by knowing his likes and dislikes, we can realise that he is just as simple as anyone else. One such example of him being a child at heart lies in his favourite movie. His favourite movie is none other than the children’s classical, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. This also explains some of his style elements like the hat and the coat that he likes to put on every once in a while. 

Good deeds

A lot of people simply and love and adore Mr Manson because of the kind heart that he has. Despite being a rough-looking rockstar, he loves to do charity and help those who are in need. He has been a part of various fundraising events. Moreover, he regularly donates to a lot of charities and N.G.O.s that help underprivileged people. 

These were some of the lesser-known facts about the metal rockstar! We hope that now you know various personal facts about him that you were not aware of earlier. 


We hope that these pics of Marilyn Manson without Makeup and the gothic dress was pleasing to your eyes. Finding a picture where Manson is not a satanic rockstar is a rare find. We wish him excellent health and prosperity for the living legend! We hope that he continues to rock and roll in future as well!