Derry Girls Season 3
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Derry Girls Season 3 – Release Date, Trailer and Fun Facts!

About Derry Girls Season 3

Are you also eagerly waiting for Derry Girls Season 3? If you are a fan of the Derry Girls that you can stream on Netflix, then this article is just for you! Here, we are going to share some exciting news and info about Derry Girls and its third season. There are several rumours and updates around Derry Girls season 3 that all the fans want to know. Before digging into the details of Derry Girls season 3, let us know a little bit more about the whole series.

What is it About?

Well, Derry Girls is set in the late 90’s era with the young school children as the protagonist. There are no mainstream actors in the series, but all the actors have done a tremendous job. From the young children to the supportive roles of adults, the Acting is at par in Derry Girls.

The main plot of Derry girls revolves around the character called Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson). She tagged along with a cousin Orla (Louisa Harland). The entire series of Deery Girls is based in Ireland, where these youngsters are enrolled in a catholic school. Moreover, for the company, they have Clare (Nicola Coughlan) and also young Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), who Erin’s close friends or associates.

The Historic backdrop

To make the plot outline clear for Derry Girls, one should know about the time full of Troubles that the town called Derry went through during the war and socio-economic issues. Understanding the history of Ireland and especially the city of Derry will help you enjoy the fun-filled series even more!

Cast Details

Derry Girls
  • Saoirse-Monica Jackson played the protagonist in the Derry Girls, who goes by the name Erin Quinn.
  • Louisa Harland plays the role of Orla McCool.
  • We have Ian McElhinney in derry girls as Granda Joe.
  • Kathy Kiera Clarke is the supportive Aunt Sarah.
  • Nicola Coughlan plays Clare Devlin in Derry Girls.
  • Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Michelle Mallon
  • Moreover, there is Dylan Llewellyn, as well as the role of James Maguire.
  • Lisa McGee is the mastermind behind the show as she is the one who wrote it.
  • Also, Michael Lennox is the director of Ireland based Derry hills.

What About the Third Season of Derry Girls?

Derry girls season3

Well, to be honest, the news is out the there is the third season of this Ireland based series. This news regarding the third season of Derry Girls was out in late 2019 only. However, as well know, at the starting of 2020, the entire world came to a halt because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this unwanted hiatus, the Season 3 of Derry Girls have been pushed back. By pushed back, we are not talking about months but almost a year! The shooting suddenly stopped, so, slowly and gradually, the shooting process is again in the process. So, we expect the Derry Girls cast to start shooting for the new season from the early months of 2021.

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Any Trailer or Teaser?

Well, we know that hardcore Derry Girls fans are waiting for any glimpse or detail about the third season. However, as mentioned above, that due to covid-19, all the plans and timelines had to change. So, since the shooting has also not resumed yet, there are currently no trailers, teasers, or posters of Derry girls that you can find. However, there are several fan-made fake trailers of the Ireland based series that is doing rounds on the internet.

What’s new?

There isn’t much info on what new we are going to witness in the third season. However, in the interviews, we have heard the cast talking about the Derry Girls Plot advancement. The major development that we might see is the new addition of romance in young lives. We are not sure yet about the characters that are soon going to have a romantic bond.

Why do people love the show?

To being with, Derry Girls is a very natural and authentic show. The people love the realistic touch of this Netflix show. The plot and how the characters are all so natural that everybody who is watching Derry Girls can immediately relate to it. Moreover, the tons of crazy dialogues is also a great catch in Derry Girls. Let us see how soon do we get to season three of this outstanding highschool show.

The young actors who play the role of students in catholic school have an amazing sense of humour. So, when we talk about the good points of Derry Girls, we have to mention the amazing job that the writers have done! Along with the hilarious script, props to the characters as well for pulling off the delivery so perfectly.

Some Random Facts About Derry Girls!

derry girls season 3

If you are a true enthusiast of Derry Girls, then this list is just for you! Here we have listed some unknown facts about your favourite series! After knowing these fun facts about Derry Girls, you will fall in love with the show even more!

Age no bar!

One might think that the actors who are playing the young school teenagers in the series are of about the same age or a little older. However, the reality of this is very different. The cast and crew that we mentioned above for Derry Girls are all in their late 20’s most of them are 26+. This shows that with some good acting skills and proper makeup, age is no bar in the world of movies and tv Shows!

Beyond just Acting

We know that a lot of effort and hard work goes behind any movie or tv show project. But, just like all the other shows, there was a lot of method acting and research that went into this as well. One example of such a moment was when the entire cast of Derry Girls was asked to say together till the time the entire season one was shot. This was done so that all the actors playing the role of close friends on screen share a similar bond in real life.

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Had the Seasons in mind

What usually happens in most of the shows is that slowly and gradually, as the initial season airs, then the makers of the show plan out if there will be a another season of the show or not. This is done after the show starts off fine so that it can pick up the pace again in the second season. However, with Derry Girls, things were planned a bit differently. As soon as the first pilot episode of Derry Girls was out, the talks and making of season 2 were already up!

Authentic Background

Another thing that displays the pure dedication of the team is the shooting locations of Derry Girls. A lot of fans have no clue about this, but it’s 90% shot and made in Derry only! This adds a wonderful touch of authenticity to the Irish series. Moreover, the cast and crew also had a gala time while shooting this high-school comedy-drama. As for the rest of the locations, the school scene was shot in Belfast.

Derry Issues

Another fact that will prove that every bit about this series is based upon Derry and Ireland. Many of the international fans of this loveable high-school series have no clue that, in reality as well, a lot of cast members are actually from Derry! If you spot someone with Derry’s hard and natural accent, then it is very much possible that they are from the same place!

Fan Love


The whole cast and team knew that they made it big when they saw their huge street art in the streets of Derry. The people of Derry love the mural art form very much. They even support street artists a lot. Because of this, there are various street paintings that one can see while out on a stroll in Derry. Now, since the Derry Girls is all about the city, the artists showed their love by making a huge mural of the show’s lead character.

Keeping it Irish

The makers of Derry Girls that airs on Netflix and Channel 4, have worked really hard to keep the original Irish touch in the film. From shooting locations to the cast, they made the series as Irish as possible. Even with the heavy accent, people love the show. The funny jokes sound even better when the actors say them in the authentic Derry accent.

Netflix Issues

Somehow Netflix missed the copyrights of Derry Girls and initially aired the first season without it. However, after noticing the mishap, Netflix immediately took it down. Only after they covered the copyrights of Derry Girls, they put it up again. Another issue with Derry girls streaming on Netflix was the locations that it is available in. According to many Irish fans, the show that is made in Derry, about Derry, is somehow not available for streaming on Netflix. This caused a lot of disappointment for the people of the Irish town who were waiting to see their old city on Netflix. However, we hope that by the time Derry Girls season 3 is out, all of such things are under control.  


Here was everything that you need to know about the third season of Derry Girls. We also had a shortlist of fun facts about the funny show that will help you know more about it!