how to make a smoker in minecraft
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How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft and Other Crazy Items!

About Minecraft

If you are into Minecraft or have started playing it recently, you must know how to make a smoker in Minecraft and other valuable items! Here, we will share some mind-boggling Minecraft items that are extremely simple to make. However, most of the things that we have in line for you are not so common. So, in order to get your one up as a Minecraft player, you must know these easy yet effective item recipes.

Before we dig into items like a Smoker or a sword, let us know a bit more about the game.


Minecraft is an extremely popular inclusive, and creative PC or mobile game. Here, you get your own avatar which lands up in a free world where you can create whatever you want. This game is an 8-bit game that holds most of its graphics like blocks. However, the unlimited creative criteria of this game overshadow the block-bit pictures.

With Minecraft, the player gets endless possibilities in front of them. From making just a tiny living space for their avatars to massive kingdoms. You can literally make anything and everything in this game. However, Minecraft is not only particularly about creating new stuff. In here, you will have to grin to defend your space as well. There are other aspects of this Minecraft game as well. In this 8-bit game, you can make your exclusive Web servers where other Minecraft players can tag along and play together!

What’s More? 

Another reason that makes Minecraft one of the most creative and popular games ever is the online multiplayer option. Yes, imagine playing this free-space and innovative concept with your friends. This online multiplayer frenzy is one of the main reasons that Minecraft has taken over the gaming world. Moreover, this even helps the online streaming gamers on Youtube as well who stream their gameplay with their subscribers. So, knowing how to make a smoker in Minecraft and other items is very important. 

What About the Items?


As we mentioned earlier, Minecraft offers an open new world to every player. Here, the choice depends on the individual player in which they can build up whatever they want to. So, in the process of making new structures or buildings, we need to mix and match certain items to create something new. The player has to gather new raw material from the existing wild world. For example, initially, you have to cut down trees, break down blocks or stones and then assemble them in your inventory.

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft and other Items

Let us check out some creative and effective item recipes that every new Minecraft player must know.

How to make a Fire Torch

how to make a smoker in minecraft

As you know, the vast wide world of Minecraft has many dark underground areas where the majority of rare items can be found. Overall, mining is a massive aspect of the game Minecraft. However, in order to explore and collect items from these pitch dark underground areas, you need to get some light in there. One of the best ways/methods to light up the dark underground areas in Minecraft is with the help of a torch. In order to make the bright lighting torch, you will need one stick and one piece of charcoal. Once you have both the items on your list, you have to set up a crafting table and then go to your inventory. Now, add up a single wooden stick and a piece of charcoal in any of the two boxes, and you will see an opinion to build a fire torch.

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Wooden Yacht 

Just as the underground mining area, exploring the water bodies in Minecraft is equally important. So, it will give you a great push if you have a nice floating wooden boat at your disposal in the early stages. Many new players of this 8-bit game make the mistake of not exploring the water bodies early off. You can find great rare items in the water bodies in Minecraft. Moreover, in order to build an island type structure, you will need to cross the water bodies often. Hence, with this small and swift wooden boat, your task will become very easy. Also, it is extremely simple to make one in Minecraft. All you need is five sets of plain wooden planks. You can get these planks by chopping down the wild trees that you see all around the map.

How to Make a Bow

how to make a smoker in minecraft

Well, along with exploring, collecting and building new things. Hunting and defending is also a vital part of this game. Now, there are two major ways through which you can hunt and protect in this game. One is with the help of various swords that you can make. The other option is to use the bow and arrow here. Using the arrow to kill the enemies is a bit easier than compared to the sword. This is because if you opt for a sword as your weapon, then you will need to be in close contact with the enemy. So, to make the fast bow, you will need three plain wooden sticks and three strings in your inventory. Now, open up the crafting table and arrange these items in the box, and you will have a bow!

What about the Arrow?

Once you have a bow ready with you, it will be useless without the arrows. So, to make an arrow, you will need three items only. Here, you will need one flint, one piece of a feather, and one regular wooden stick. Just as with the other items, you have to open reach out to your crafting table, open and menu, and add these in the middle row vertically. Once you collect and add these three items to the recipe, you shall have four pieces of arrows ready for you.

Wooden Fence


Are you starting to build up a new base in your Minecraft map? If so, then you defiantly should know how to make the wooden fence. This fence will come in extremely handy to protect the area and also to make the territory. All you need to make this helpful fence in Minecraft is plain and simple wooden sticks. You will need to add up to 6 plain wooden sticks in the middle and last row of the compact crafting table to make the fence. Once the wall is ready, you can set it up anywhere you want to. Keep on reading to know how to make a smoker in Minecraft. 

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How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

As mentioned earlier, there are many realistic elements in Minecraft. One such element is the eating and health feature in this game. To stay up to activities in the game, you have to munch on some things continuously. There are various items that you can eat here, but most of them require some amount of cooking. So, to cook and heat something, you will need a smoker in Minecraft. To make a smoker, you will need one simple furnace and four blocks of wood. Once you open up the crafting table, you need to arrange the items in a proper manner. Place the furnace in the centre most block of the table and add one block of wood above it, one below it and one each on its left and right side. 

How to make an Anvil?

Well, creating things right on the crafting table won’t be enough in the game of Minecraft. Here, you will need to repair items as well. Furthermore, as you gain more and more experience points, your ability to make and repair items also increases. Now, to successfully create and repair new things, you will need to advance from the basic crafting table. This is where the Anvil comes into the picture. The Anvil can sort out a lot of your repairing issues as you move ahead in the game. To make a basic anvil, you need three iron cubes along with four iron ingots. Now once you have these items stored in your inventory, setup up the three blocks of iron in the top collum. As for the ingots, you need to keep one in the middle and the three rest ingots in the bottom collum. 

A Strong Defence

We have mentioned several interesting offence items. Now, let us talk about the defence here. In order to tackle the enemies and sustain the harsh attacks, you will definitely need a proper shield. Let us check out the simple way to make a strong shield. With this shield, you can easily withstand various sorts of attacks from the enemies and intruders that keeps attacking your base. To make a solid shield in Minecraft, you will need one iron ingot and six regular planks of wood. You have to keep the ingot in the topmost and centre table. Now, place the plans to their right, left and bottom. Now, you will have an option to build your very own shield in Minecraft. 


For a game like Minecraft, which gives out utmost free will to the players, it is essential to know the maximum number of items you can make. To utilise the vast map of Minecraft, every player needs to gather up rare stuff and keep making creative elements from them. With these items that we have listed here, you can start your journey of making more incredible items in the world of Minecraft.