a Colombian prospect

Manchester United has expressed interest in a Colombian prospect

When talking about Colombian players, there are many names that come to mind. They are highly talented athletes for which it is always a good idea to bet at the bet company 1xbet.com/en/. This blog is about how Manchester United has expressed interest in a Colombian prospect. Some of these names that might appear include:

  • James Rodriguez;
  • Radamel Falcao;
  • Juan Guillermo Cuadrado;
  • and many others.

However, there is another name that has become a hot prospect during recent times. He is Luis Diaz, and currently is having a good present at Portuguese squad FC Porto. It should be remembered that he has quite a high release clause, which is more than 80 million dollars. This is a sum that must be paid by any squad who wishes to get the player prior to the expiry of his contract. One of the teams that has shown interest in the Colombian prospect has been Newcastle United. Of course, it is always possible to bet for the Magpies at the 1xBet bet company website.

Where will Jack Wilshere end up playing

Jack Wilshere at some moment was considered one of the best and most talented players in England. It was always a good idea to betlive – 1xbet.com/en/live whenever he was playing. Recently he was released by Bournemouth after his contract expired. After this happened, he has been without a club, but he has been training with Arsenal to keep himself fit. This has led to much speculation regarding a possible second spell of the player at the Gunners.

However, despite all this time that he has been training with the Gunners, nothing concrete has happened, and every day it seems more unlikely that the 29-year-old will join Arsenal. But of course, Wilshere is already thinking ahead. One of the squads that he is considering as an option to join is Inter Miami of Major League Soccer. 1xBet – betlive is the best place to put wagers on this competition.

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Tomas Tuchel has no filter with Mbappé and Neymar

Tomas Tuchel is a coach who has had quite an interesting career. However, his teams are well recognized for playing some excellent football. In fact, many people decide to wager on his teams at 1xbet.com/en/line/Football/ exactly for this reason. Some of the teams that he has coached in the past have been Mainz, Borussia Dortmund and even PSG.


The current Chelsea coach publicly stated his preference for Romelu Lukaku instead of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. It should be noted that Tuchel knows the Frenchman and the Brazilian quite well, since he had both of them at the Parisian Club. However, the German coach stated publicly that it was far easier to have the Belgian at the squad than the other two. In any case, if someone wants to wager on PSG or Chelsea, 1xBet is the best choice that exists for doing that.

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