Five things about Video Poker Online Casino Games that will stun you!

When it comes to playing online casino games, the odds of winning are less if you do not have the knowledge of the game you are playing. More often than not, beginners on popular online casino hubs like 888 Casino South Africa usually interpret their chances of winning by dropping balls on slot games. In this list, video poker is the second most favorite online casino game among the newbies. However, there are some misconceptions about Video Poker that can impact your performance in a negative way. Today, we brought you a brief guide about Video Poker. The following list contains things that you didn’t know about Video Poker before. Let’s take a glance: 

#1: Video Poker is no Slot Machine

To begin with, many newbies in online casino hubs often consider video poker to be similar to slot machines. However, this is one of the mainstream misconceptions. Yes! Video poker’s online user interface on 888Casio South Africa may appear similar to slot machines. 

However, the rules and tricks for both games are very distinct. For example, Video Poker is a card-based casino combination game. Henceforth, you already know that a deck of cards has 52 cards. As a result, there is a possibility of predicting when you will hit the jackpot and at what combination. In comparison, slot machines consist of fruits’ combinations. Thus, it is possible to win a small amount of money if you get two same fruits in a single go. 

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Therefore, you can say that video poker is much more complicated than a slot machine. You cannot take it for granted. for more information visit here Cricket ID.

#2: Video poker hand value vs. regular poker hand value

For those who have been playing poker before the introduction of the online casino industry over the web, the concept of video poker has been confusing. Because, in regular poker, hand value calculation is distinct from video poker and vice versa. For example, in video poker, all hands are arranged in descending order. In comparison, for regular poker, no such order is strictly followed. 

Let’s take another example in regular poker, whichever card is highest ranking as quads are taken for the strongest hand. (By definition, quads in poker are when there are three cards of the same rank and one card of another, for example, 9,9,9,k). Now, in regular poker, if 4 of a kind (quads) has 9s. It will be considered stronger over quads containing 4s. 

But, in video poker, this strict adjustment is not followed. Sometimes, quads of 2s win over quads of 8s. Apart from this, in regular poker, the hand value is considered the base of payoff. If the hand value is high, the payoff is high. Similarly, if the hand value is low, the payoff is low. But, experiencing video poker on 888Casio South Africa, the payoff of all hand values is the same. 

#3: Video poker requires you to make a decision at every point

Unlike slot machine games, you cannot depend on luck for winning in video poker online casino games. For example, in slot machine games, you are not required to pick random fruit symbols. Instead, the machine pushes whatever symbol, and if the combination is perfect, you get the reward. On the other hand, in video poker, the online video pushes only hands. Now, you have to make the decision of which card you are going to keep versus which you do not. 

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Therefore, at every point of the game, you need to ensure that you make a decision that looks beneficial to you. For the most part, on the web, there are multiple video poker strategy charts available using which you can base your decisions. In video poker, experience also matters, which in slot machines does not matter. 

#4: You can play video poker for free

When it comes to regular poker, you have to go in with a provision of money in hand. But, in the previous few years, the online/on-web casino industry has made multiple advances that allow people to play free of cost. Or, in other words, try their luck every now and then. By going to such online casino websites, you can definitely win some money and move on. 

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