how much do news anchors make

How much do news anchors make? Check out some of the highest-paid anchors around the globe!

Were you aware that the news anchors also get 7-8 digits salaries? This is true! However, in some countries, people do not admire the new anchor profession. However, in the countries where media has great influence over people, news anchoring or reading is one of the best professions. Students in several developing and developed countries like India, Britain, the United States, etc., are choosing mass communication as the main subject for graduation. These are the countries where people worship their news anchors. Our topic for today is a bit put off the league; we are going to discuss the world’s best news anchors and how much money do news anchors make!

How much do news anchors make?

how much do news anchors make
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Although, the money part depends on your luck and hard work. Some people who start their career as news anchor gets an early kick and become world-famous. However, some never get any stardom or even come into the limelight!

According to the sources, a common or local news anchor does not make much! They get a very average salary of $10,000-$14,000 pr annum. However, it may vary upto $50,000-$95,000 based on your experience. 

Also, the salary slab of an anchor depends on how famous the person is! If the news anchor is renowned worldwide, they may be earning millions. This is because the demand for that particular anchor increases. Moreover, once the demand increases, the news channels invite the person to read the news to increase their TRPs. Furthermore, the media can give millions of dollars to the news anchor to hire them for a day or two. On that note, let us inspect some of the highest-paid news anchors and how much money do they make?

List of highest-paid news anchors and how much money do these news anchors make?

Lester Holt: How much do news anchors make?

Lester Holt started his career in 1981. He joined CBS as a news reporter and worked for several years. He was a hard-working employee and knew how to grow. Moreover, because of his dedication and integrity for the channel, he became the brand for their popular news reading show “Dateline.” The show went on-air in 1992 and was a big hit with 30 seasons. 

However, after a few years of serving the channel, Lester joined NBC in 2000. At first, he began working for the channel part-time. However, after the death of David Blume, he got the opportunity to work as a co-anchor of the show “weekend today.” Furthermore, after seven seasons, Holt got promoted and became the anchor for the main show “Nightly news” for NBC.

Now, let’s talk about how much does this newsNewshor makes? According to the sources, Lester Holt makes around $10 million every year. Furthermore, his estimated net worth is $35 million.

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Megyn Kelly:

Men and women are also very popular in the world of mass communication. There is certain women journalist with very high salaries. Megyn Kelly is the brand in the field of mass communication. This Illinois-born journalist did her master’s in mass communication from Syracuse University. Furthermore, Megyn Kelly started her career in the year 2003. She began working for ABC based in Washington DC. However, she had a very short career in ABC and started working for Fox in the same year. Also, she has worked in several news shows as a news anchor. Megyn is also known to host several big shows. After completing her contract with Fox, Megyn left the job immediately and joined the NBC network. She became the host for the most popular Sunday night specials. Also, she rose to fame when she interviewed for Vladimir Putin.

You may not believe the figures, but she earns around $23 million each year with a net worth of $45 million.

George Stephanopoulos: How much do news anchors make?

George Stephanopoulos is a very popular news anchor with a $40 million net worth. Also, he earns around $15-$16 million each year. The United States is very familiar with “Good Morning America.” Moreover, this ABC show features the top headlines, interviews, weather reporting, etc. Also, he served as a co-anchor for the ABC show,” World news tonight.” He also served as the communication director at the white house. From 2002-2009, George hosted “ABC this week” under president Bill Clinton. Due to his constant efforts and commitment to the ABC channel, he acquired the position of “Cheif Anchor” from 2014-2020.

Brian Williams:

Brain Williams is the star of the NBC network. His name is on the list of the world’s highest-paid anchors. Moreover, he hosts “The 11th Hour With Brian Williams” every Thursday. However, he called it quits on December 9, 2021at the age of 62. He has the longest career of 28 years in the world of communication. From 2004-2014, he managed the nightly news for NBC as an anchor and editor.

Moreover, he hosted several sports shows as an anchor. He covered the Iraq war in 2003. However, NBC suspended Brian for six months for misrepresenting several events during the war. There was a gradual loss of TRP when Brian was not part of the channel. Therefore, the channel rehired him in the position of the breaking news anchor. Moreover, he has the longest NBC career from 1993-2021, with an annual salary of $6 million. Also, he has a big fat net worth of $50 million.

how much do news anchors make
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Robin Roberts: How much do female news anchors make?

Another world-famous and highly paid news anchor is Robin Roberts. She has her name on the list of wealthiest female anchors around the globe. This 61-year-old news anchor was the face of ABC’s early morning show “Good morning America.” Moreover, she worked for ESPN for almost 15 years. She joined ESPN in 1990 and was the sports newsreader for over a decade until she left the channel in 2005. Several people admire her work for Good morning America. She helped to raise the ratings for the show. In the era of racism, she was the first woman of color who achieve success in journalism.

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Also, she openly revealed that she belongs to an LGBTQ group which was a daring stunt back then. Unfortunately, she suffered from a chronic syndrome in 2012. It is called “myelodysplastic syndrome,” a type of cancer. However, she fought it bravely and won. Also, she documented her whole journey and disclosed it on her morning show. This popular news broadcaster errands $18 million per year with a net worth of $45 million. She is truly an inspiration. Proud of you, girl!

Bill O’Reilly

William James O’Reilly Jr. was born on September 10, 1949. He started his career as the local news reported in the late 1970s and 80s. Moreover, his career kicked off when he joined the new channel FOX in 2017. He became the anchor for the popular FOX show “The O’Reilly Factor.” Bill hosted the show for almost 16 years until 2017. It was the top-rated show for the channel and was the milestone in the career of Bill O’Reilly.

Besides news broadcasting, Bill O’Reilly also hosted several talk shows and wrote several books. However, he was accused of sexual harassment multiple times in his career and paid millions of dollars to the women. These lawsuits also became a threat to his career as Fox thought to fire him many times. Luckily, he was the channel star and did not lose his job. This political commentator has an $85 million net worth. Also, he gets a pretty handsome salary of $25 million per annum.

Sean Hannity

Sean Patrick Hannity is the star of the talk show” The Sean Hannity.” He is the second wealthiest news reader worldwide. He is the highest anchor on the FOX channel with a $45 million salary per annum. His last noted net worth was around $150 million. Initially, Sean Hannity served as the sub anchor for the show Hannity & Colmes. However, Colmes left the FOX channel in 2008. This was when sean’s career took a good start as he became the host for the show and renamed the show as “Hannity.” People recognize him as the star of the Hannity and is a popular American anchor.

Andercooper: How much do news anchors make?

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Anderson Hays Cooper is the highest-paid anchor of all time. He runs the popular television show Anderson Cooper 360°, broadcasted by CNN. Anderson Cooper has been hosting this show for almost 18 years now. CNN broadcasted the show on their channel in 2003, covering the international and national news. Also, you can see Anderson Cooper hosting the CBS tv broadcast “60 minutes”. These two shows were life-changing for him. He earned lots of love from the public and channels. Moreover, his estimated net worth is $200 million, and he earns $12 million each year. 


This article was all about the highest-paid news anchor. Finally, you all are now aware that journalism is a good career and pays well. You can be on the list of highest-paid journalists if you want. All it takes is hard work and dedication.

Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!

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