Is Terraria cross-platform

Is Terraria cross-platform? How can PS4 and PC play terraria together? 

Re-Logic Game development company’s top-notch gameplay, a.k.a. Terraria, has become astoundingly popular among all sources of action-adventure games. From purchasing offline access to terraria back in the early 2010s to today, terraria is still one of the best games which embrace balance in an imbalanced world. However, one question that gamers are still asking is, “Is Terraria cross-platform?” If you are also searching for the right answer to Terraria’s compatibility as cross-platform gameplay, you have come to the right place. 

Today, we brought to you a FAQs Logue on “Is Terraria cross platform?” let’s get started: 

Introduction to the game

Since 2011, Terraria has received millions of acknowledgments from gamers all over the world. This action-adventure game commenced back in 2011 and started off with support only in Microsoft Windows. However, in the past few years, terraria gameplay has improvised and commenced on different platforms such as – iOS, Android, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and so on. 

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Not only this, however, you can also buy off the Terraria premium version off of Amazon, the largest conglomerate in the world. With such a high-end approach to awareness and credits among gamers, terraria is one unique game. There’s definitely something exciting about this game. From what we have experienced, it is all about digging, building, fighting, and exploring, much like Minecraft. 

Terraria – backstory!

According to many experienced players of World of Terraria, the game itself delivers an impression of balance akin to its backstory. The lore of terraria says that in order to create a balance of equality in the world, God distributed equal power to every being. However, the antagonist, Cthulhu, who had great power, wanted to go against God and destroy the world. To stop Cthulhu from such immense destruction on the world, Gods imprisoned him far away from the reach of demons and other dark creatures of the world. 

Yet, even today, deep in the underworld and dungeons, demons and dark creatures are planning and plotting to bring the leader Cthulhu back. They are called members of the lunatic cult. 

Is Terraria cross-platform
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Moving on! In the game, the sole motive of each player is to collect distinctive resources from the world of Terraria and develop the property, land, and other assets based on their needs. In single-player game mode, the player is alone in the open world. Hence, he/she can explore immensely and infinitely. In comparison, the multiple-player mode comes with exciting challenges as players compete with each other for resources and development. 

With that being said, players who have already overcome the challenges of Terraria multiplayer mode must want to expand their era of challenges by seeking terraria in a cross-platform manner. The reason is cross-platform mode terraria will allow PC players to play with gamers on other devices/consoles such as MacBook, Nintendo switch, steam, epic, PlayStation, and Xbox. But, can this happen? Is terraria cross-platform for real? Let’s find out: 

Is Terraria cross-platform? 

The answer is no. Terraria is not a cross-platform game entirely. For the most part, it allows some combination of devices to enable cross-play, whereas it does not work for others. For reader’s reference, the following are a group of preferable combinations for which you can find if terraria are cross-platform or not. Let’s get started: 

Is Terraria cross-platform – PC and Mobile? 

According to the latest and real-time gaming experience, the conclusion is yes. Terraria allows players to play together in the same world of terraria using PC and Mobile. Meaning PC Players can play with terraria players who are using mobile. Henceforth, if you have a friend who can access only mobile (Android or iOS) to play Terraria with you while you are using a PC, such a friend can send or receive a “friend invite.” 

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Wondering how to do that? Following is an instructional guide: 

How to play terraria in cross-platform mode – PC and Mobile? 

In 2020, Terraria’s official forum webpage declared that Terraria’s latest version is out, which supports cross-platform between PC and mobile players. However, there’s a twist. In order to play terraria in cross-platform mode, users/gamers need to download a third-party app for additional support. Please note that both PC and Mobile versions of Terraria gameplay must be paid (premium) because it does not cost more than $5. Thus, it is quite affordable, and thus, the risk of piracy is entirely eliminated. 

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STEP 1: Download and Install Steam Depot Downloader App

Please note that Steam Depot Downloader is an application that allows users to override and download content. Thus, it authenticates your steam account. Users often question if it is safe. In our view, it is entirely safe and runs legally among gamers. You can download Depot downloader from this link:

Once the installation is completed on Mobile/PC, move on to the next step. 

STEP 2: Adjust!

Depot Downloader requires some tech knowledge to work. In the event that you are entertaining terraria in the cross-platform mode for the first time, you must start with tech-based adjustment. So, when the downloading and installation are complete, we recommend you open the app and unpack the files inside. Now, among all the files, please navigate to the “” file. When you open this file, it will appear in “code form.” Change this code to the code given below: 

dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -username YourSteamUserName -password YourSteamPassword -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 5578977409290338966


dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -username YourSteamUserName -password YourSteamPassword -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 2857434596711182063

As a result, a new version of Terraria (cross-platform supportive) will download on your PC/Mobile. However, please wait. The work is not done yet. Let’s move to the next step. 

STEP 3: Command Prompt

While the new terraria version is downloading, you must wait. Once it’s done, access the command prompt (.cmd) on your Windows PC and follow the instructions below: 

  • Enter the command to navigate to the file “” 
  • Execute this file.
  • Once the process is complete, terraria will directly download and show on your PC. 
  • Open Terraria and log in using the Steam account in the Terraria.exe file on PC. 
  • Thus, you will be able to see and send friend invites to players on mobile. 

Can you play terraria cross-platform – Xbox and PS4? 

The answer is NO. Terraria’s latest version or any version, for that matter, does not support cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation Players. One of the major reasons behind the differentiation of consoles and the unwillingness to cross-play is the distinction of features. For example, Xbox contains features that provide an advantage to the players. In the case of cross-play, PS4 players will face disadvantages and vice versa. There is a very short category of games that allow cross-play between Xbox and ps4. Unfortunately, terraria is not one of them. 

Is Terraria cross-platform
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However, this does not mean you cannot savour playing with players in the open world of terraria via multiplayer mode. Check out the following guide on how to invite Xbox players and PS4 players to play terraria on their respective devices.

Send Terraria invite – Xbox to Xbox.

Please note that the Xbox console does not allow “send invites” to players on other consoles. Thus, there is no need to mention that the following guide will only work in the case of Xbox to Xbox. Let’s view the instructions: 

  • While playing Terraria, pause the game. 
  • Now, navigate to the “People” tab in the Xbox main menu by clicking on the circular button on the controller. 
  • Select the “Find someone” option. 
Image credit: WikiHow
  • A complete list of live Xbox players will appear with Gamertag.
  • As soon as you see a player you want to send an invite to, tap on the B button on the controller. 
  • Next, click on the A Button to go to the profile.
  • Use the controller to navigate to the “Add friend” option.
  • Click on “send invite” and wait for the invitation to be accepted. 
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Send Terraria invite – PlayStation to PlayStation

Please note that the PlayStation console does not allow “send invites” to players on other consoles. Thus, there is no need to mention that the following guide will only work in the case of Xbox to Xbox. Let’s view the instructions: 

  • While playing Terraria, pause the game. 
  • Now, navigate to the “inventory” option. 
  • Click on the R1 button in order to head to the right side. 
  • Do you see an option called “Players list?” If yes, tap the circular button on the console. 
  • Next, tap the L1 button on the console. 
  • As an outcome, you will be capable of view all players who are also playing on Xbox. 
  • Click on “send invite” and wait for the invitation to be accepted. 

Is Terraria cross-platform for PC and Xbox? 

For now, Terraria has not transformed into cross-play features for PC and Xbox. Neither it supports PC and PS4 cross-play. Thus, the answer is NO. A cross-platform feature for terraria is not available. You can enjoy Terraria in multiplayer mode where you can invite other players, given that you invite PC to PC player combination or Xbox to Xbox plater combination or PS4 to PS4 player combination for that matter. 

Apart from this, if you are wondering if Terraria is cross-platform between PC and Nintendo Switch, the answer is still, unfortunately, no. You can definitely go for a Switch to Switch friend invite to play Terraria in multiplayer mode. 

 Check out the guide in reference to inviting friends on Nintendo Switch for Terraria: 

  • Go to the Nintendo Switch dashboard.
  • Navigate to the main/Home menu. 
  • On the left side, click on the “Add Friend” alternative.
Image credit: Nintendo Support
  • Next, select one option among – Search for Local Users, Search for Friends you have played with, or use Friends code to search. 
  • Depending on your choice, navigate through the list of friends available.
  • Send an invite to an online friend. 
  • Once a request has been accepted, you are good to play. 

You can also navigate to “Friend Requests” and accept friend invites from those who are online and available to play. 

Can you play terraria together – Android and iOS? 

Luckily for both iPhone and Android Smartphone users, Terraria, adventure 2D gameplay like Minecraft, is available for cross-platform. The reason is Android and iOS smartphones both use the same version of Terraria mobile at the same rate. Thus, there is no dinstinction when it comes to playing terraria on Android and Terraria on iPhone

As a result, no users enjoy any unfair advantage or encounter any limitation. But of course, there is a downside. To enable cross-play between Android and iOS, both or all players must be connected to the same/identical network. 

To activate and send Android to iOS and vice versa terraria friend invite, follow the instructions provided below: 

  • Go to the main dashboard/home menu on Terraria mobile.
  • Select the “Local” option to view any nearby player who can join terraria multiplayer gameplay using the same wifi network. 
Is Terraria cross-platform
Image credit: Quora
  • The app will begin to search for local hosts.
  • Once the search is complete, a list of available players will appear. 
  • Click on the “Add” alternative on the side to join/send invites to a selected player. 

Will Terraria become cross-platform in 2022? 

For the past many years, gamers have been eager to know whether or not cross-platform between Terraria supportive devices ever be possible. Up until now, developers have kept their words and provided terraria new versions with advanced features and graphics. No doubt that sometime in the future, terraria gameplay will definitely become the cross platform for Xbox, PlayStation, switch, steam, epic, PC, Android, iOS, and so on. 

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According to the latest arguments, Terraria latest version for all devices has not reached 1.4.1 standards yet. Thus, it appears like in the meantime, we all have to wait and play endlessly. 


So, the final answer for “is terraria cross platform?” must be resolved for you. Surely, to play terraria in multiplayer mode or cross-play between Android and iOS/PC and Mobile, there are conditions that players must fulfill, such as – being connected to the same network. Therefore, we can state that there is still a downside to this gameplay. 

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