how to get coins in pokemon go
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How To Get Coins in Pokemon Go and Other Tips 

How To Get Coins in Pokemon Go & Other Tips

Do you want to know how to get coins in Pokemon Go and other amazing tips? Here are some incredible and simple tips that you should know if you are an enthusiast of Pokemon Go. Before we dig into the details of Pokemon Go, let us understand what is the revolutionary game all about!

About Pokemon Go

how to get coins in pokemon go

Well, we tag Pokemon Go as a revolutionary game because, unlike all the other mainstream games, P.G was required some physical activity as well. In Pokemon Go, the players have to physically walk around to find and catch a large number of Pokemon! Basically, it is like you are actually roaming around as a pokemon trainer. However, there were already several games that tried to link physical activity with the virtual world, but none got a viral response like this. As we already know that Pokemon is already a huge enterprise that has a following across the world. Hence, as soon as the game was out, a new concept became a huge hit! People were instantly in love with it and were out on the road to catch them all!

What More?

There were several rare Pokemon as well that was a bit hard to find and catch. Due to this feature, a lot of players quickly developed immense interest in it. Soon, the game became a massive hit, and people were everywhere playing it. Now, the game is much more than just finding and catching Pokemon. Here, the player has to visit the trainers’ battlegrounds as well. Moreover, people can also find and pick battles. 

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What About the Coins?

When you start playing this game, you may notice that a lot of things are bought with virtual coins. Now, there are several ways/methods through which you can get more coins. Here, we are going to share some amazing tips through which you can get more coins and use them to enhance your Pokemon experience. In the game, the coins are called Pokecoins which is somewhat like a currency of the game. If the players want and wish, they can purchase the pokecoins with actual money via the play store. However, if they are unable to get the coins, then there are several ways through which you can get/earn more coins! 

How to Get Coins in Pokemon Go? 

There are several ways to get the coins in this crazy interactive game. Here are some easy and simple ways through which you can get maximum coins!

Take the Googe Survey! 

Not a lot of gamers know this, but if you enroll in the google survey, then you will get regular google reward points. Now, this reward point system will help you get pokemon points regularly. You can access the google reward page and link your app store account. So, once the account is set, you have to have to start the process of taking up surveys. With the regular surveys, you will get points in the account regularly/weekly. Once you are done with the regular survey, you have to buy the pokecoins with them. 

In-Game Opportunities

Another great way to pile up more pokecoins is via the in-game hustle and opportunity. For example, if you choose to hit up the Pokemon gyms near you and take them over, then you can generate a weekly income of pokecoins for yourself. However, these tasks are not easy. Taking up a gym and beating off the strong Pokemon there will take up a lot of training. Moreover, since it is one of the most simple ways to earn pokecoin, you have to face heavy competition as well. 

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Other Tips to Keep in Mind! 


Roam Around More! 

It may sound/seem a bit obvious, but this is the best tip that you can get for Pokemon go! As the game is designed for you to go outside and explore more, it is obvious that you have to keep exploring new areas to get new or rare Pokemon! Moreover, a player must keep exploring new places as often as possible to get the best results!

Get More Goodies!  

Since now you know how to generate a constant and a good source of pokecoins, you must know how to utilize them as well! What we mean here is that once you have a good stash of pokecoins on you, then you must use it to buy stuff like potions, eggs, pokeballs, and more! If you manage to use these coins to level up your Pokemon and their training, then you will easily gain the upper hand in most of the battles! 

Focus on the Types too!

A basic mistake that most of the new Pokemon go players make is that they don’t acknowledge and understand the different Pokemon that they have and their specific type! If you understand and treat your Pokemon according to their type, then you can enhance their performance and usage. However, when it comes to types of Pokemon, you have to ensure that you pick up the battles of the Pokemon too! 

Regular Battles and Gym! 

Another issue that some pokemon go players face is that their Pokemon don’t excel out. Here, the main reason behind this is that you skip the vital role of gyming and battles here. What we suggest to do is that you take up regular battles with various sets of Pokemon as this will defiantly make them stronger than usual. Another thing/point that you must keep in mind and stay active with your Pokemon is the whole gymming scene. With the right use of gyms and training there, you, along with your Pokemon, can do wonders. 

Conclusion of how to get coins in Pokemon

Here are the 2 simple/easy yet effective ways to get the maximum number of pokcoins easily while playing the wonderful game! However, no matter how good/amazing it is and feels, understand that it is still just a game so try to find the right balance between the real world and the pokemon world!