do you need playstation plus to play warzone
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Do you need Playstation Plus to play Warzone and Other Tips for COD

About COD Warzone

For a lot of gamers, a common question like, do you need PlayStation Plus to play Warzone is still unanswered. Here, we are going to share some vital tips and info about the legendary Call of Duty version, which is the Warzone. If you are into video games and have been playing for a long time, you might be aware of the excellent game series, i.e. Call of Duty. Call of Duty has been dominating the FPS league for a long time. Most of the instalments of Call of Duty is still a favourite of many gamers. 

However, with the new regular instalments of the Call of Duty game, it is hard to stay updated. The Call of duty game initially came out on the PC. With the massive popularity, the makers came out with the new instalment. Ever since then, it has been one of the most popular FPS gun war games.

The Concept of Battle Royale


One of the main elements of COD that made it so popular is the concept of Battle Royale. If you are unaware of this concept, let us explain it briefly. It offers a multiplayer map where players from all corners of the world play against each other. All of the players are airdropped from a plane, and the game starts as soon they start. Ample guns and ammo are lying around that you have to collect instantly to eliminate all the other players. This is why all the Call of duty gamers love this game so dearly. It offers you a map where you can play with your friends or random gamers as a team against everyone else.

Important Tips and Info About Call of Duty Warzone

do you need playstation plus to play warzone

Now that you know the basic details about this amazing game, let us know some important tips and info about it, some that you can make the most out of it! Things like do you need PlayStation Plus to play Warzone, and other info is unknown for a lot of players. 

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Keep the Map in Check

The first and foremost tip for every Call of Duty gamer is to keep a good eye on the map. As you know, the battle royale mode of Call of duty airdrops the players on the map. A player or a team can jump at any point on the way of the plane. Different regions offer different advantages. So, for every player of a warzone, the scouting of the map is extremely important. The key here is to look at the map and plan your drop zone by marking it.

Assign the Roles

The best part about playing the battle royale is that you get to play with your friends as teammates. Hence, to enhance the gameplay, you can assign different roles to each of the teammates. By doing so, you can get an extra edge over the other teams. For example, one can take up the job of a sniper. On the other hand, one can take up the role of driving etc.

Manage the Loadout

Another important key is to arrange the loadout tactically. Choose the guns and throwables that you are comfortable with. Choose the different guns according to your playing style. If your gameplay is more aggressive, then choose the loadout accordingly. There are a lot of intense high-damage guns that can help your aggressive gameplay. The loadout management can give you and your teammate a great advantage during the intense gameplay.

Eye on the Drop! 

If you have ever played COD warzone, then you must be aware of the importance of the drop. The random drops can offer a great loot for your entire team. From level 3 armours to max level sniper guns, you may get a lot of great stuff in the dropboxes. Hence, it is important that you keep

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Warzone?


Now let us talk about what sort of consoles or platforms do we need to play Warzone. A lot of fans of COD want to know do you need Playstation Plus to play Warzone? Well, the short answer is yes. In order to play the power-packed battle royal in multiplayer mode, you will need to get a subscription to PlayStation Plus. With the Playstation Plus mode, you can play the warzone battle royal all you want with players from all across the globe. 

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Secondary Weapons

What a lot of people/players fail to realise is that secondary weapons and bombs are also very important in order to enhance your gameplay. With the C4 bombs and other tactical equipment, you can level up your gameplay easily. Moreover, these tools and equipment may help you to eliminate other players in close combat fights as well. So, try to segregate your bag and loadout evenly with good assault, sniping as well as secondary items. 

Zone Advantage

We all know that we have to head to the safe circle as soon as the zone starts to shrink in COD. However, there are several ways through which you can make the most of this scenario as well. What you need to do here is that as soon as the zone starts to circle in, you can explore the circular edge of the closing circle. By doing so, you can find a lot of opponents running in towards the circle and eliminate them instantly.

Save Up the Armour Plate

A lot of people waste their strong armour plates by using them at the very beginning of the game. However, this is not a wise way to use up the armour. As you might know already, a level 3 armour can help you in close combat at a very crucial time. However, when we use it in every early stage of the game, it gets used up quickly. So, what happens when you use up the armour plate early is that when you need one, you don’t have it. Hence, the smart thing one can do here is that keep one stock of the level 3 armour (if you find any) for the close and last circle. 

As soon as you notice that the circle or safe zone is small and closing up with 10-11 players left, then you can put it on. This is a crucial tip to keep in handy when you are playing Warzone with PlayStation plus. 

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Warzone?

Well, after going through these smart and tactical tips, you can now play Warzone on PlayStation plus and get the extra edge against your enemies! 

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