Poker Step by Step

Texas Hold’em Poker Step by Step

Poker is one of the famous card games across the world and Texas Hold’em is one of its well-known variants. It is said that the game got originated in the nineteenth century but there is no concrete proof of where the game traveled from. The word Poker is derived from the German name Pochen which means ‘to knock’. Some say that the French were the first ones to play the Cricket ID game, in 1830. The Poker Step by Step was an instant hit in American live casinos.

How to Play- Poker Step by Step

  1. When the blind bets are being made each player is given two cards, which are termed as ‘Hole Cards’ or ‘Pocket Cards’. Now the player with the largest blind gets to start the game. Make sure that you know that you are not allowed to ‘Check’ but you can Call, Raise, Bet or Fold. Let us assume, that if any one of the players has to raise then you have to fold or re-raise.
  2. Three cards are then turned on the table by the dealer, which is known as ‘community cards and they can be put into use with the two hidden cards. When the next round begins, the player seated on the left side of the dealer starts the second round of bidding. Prior to the end of the round, every player has to put the same amount in the pot and this procedure is used further for raising and bidding.
  3. When a fourth community card is put on the table by the dealer every single player has a total of six cards in his/her hands and with that, the next round of betting commences.
  4. Finally, the dealer puts on the last community card after which the next round of betting gets started.
  5. From the total of seven cards, five can be put into use for making the best of five-card hand i.e. two hole cards and five community cards. There is no compulsion on players for using their own cards. To choose a winner, each player has to show his/her cards respectively.
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Tips to Win

  1. First and foremost you need to know the rules of Texas Hold’em, as the rules vary at different online casinos. It is always a good idea to you get to the full details about the online casino at which you wish to play.
  2. Once you have detailed information about the casino, try and gain more knowledge about the game. You should be aware of what are the rules, payoff, and what strategies can be put into use during the game.
  3. When you play Texas Hold’em make sure that you are aware of other players’ tactics, try to learn what moves they are making.
  4. There are few online casinos where you can register and can practice Texas Hold’em Poker. You play there with fake money and you learn how to go about the game and make important decisions. Make sure that you are aware of all the different aspects of the game, only then make a decision to play the game.


The game of Texas Hold’em Poker is a variant of one of the world’s most famous casino games, Poker. It’s a game full of fun, fortune, and excitement if taken care of the rules and strategies.

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