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Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that has gained a lot of traction in the past few months. Its cheap and effective form has convinced people to learn all about Affiliate marketing. There are many types of affiliate programs, one of them being the Forex Affiliate Program. These Affiliate programs offer several benefits to both the merchants and the Affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing

In this marketing strategy, the Affiliate is paid a predetermined commission for the sale of a product or service they are marketing on behalf of the company. A company that wants to reach a wider audience for its products and services can hire an Affiliate program. The wider is the Affiliate network, the more is the reach and brand awareness for the company. There are three kinds of Affiliate Marketing, and they are as follows:

  1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing

This type of Affiliate Marketing is the primary advertising model in which the Affiliate has no presence, authority, or connection with the service or product that they are promoting. In this type of Affiliate Marketing, there is no connection between the affiliate marketing of the product and the consumer. 

The only thing they are doing is placing a link in front of the consumer for them to click and buy. The Affiliate has no known skill or expertise about the product or service they are promoting, so they are actually in no absolute position to promote the product. This is the type of Affiliate Marketing that is the most uninvolved. 

This form of Affiliate Marketing is widely popular because the Affiliate does not have to build up a targeted network’s trust, and they can promote products without any responsibility to the audience. 

  1. Related Affiliate Marketing
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The next type of Affiliate Marketing is Related Affiliate Marketing. In this type, the Affiliate has some relation to the product or service they are promoting. Most commonly, this connection is between the product or the service and the Affiliate’s niche. 

The Affiliates are promoting this product based on an area they have a relationship with and some expertise in, but this does not mean that the Affiliate is themself using the advertised product or service. In this form of marketing, the Affiliate has some influence over the general targeted audience of the product or service. They are then using this influence to drive traffic towards the company’s website and earn a commission for their sales. 

  1. Involved Affiliate Marketing

This is the last type of Affiliate Marketing, and in this form of Marketing, there is a deep connection between the product or service and the Affiliate promoting it. The Affiliate’s influence on their audience is vital when they choose this form of Affiliate Marketing. The products they promote are only products that they trust and genuinely use and believe in. This way, they have an amount of trust from their audience over the products they promote. In this form of promotion, the product’s reputation is linked with the Affiliate’s reputation, so they have to be careful when recommending products.

These are the three types of Affiliate Marketing based on the Affiliate’s connection with the product or service that they are promoting.

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