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Skills that Blockchain Developers Need

Blockchain development has become the latest trend. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. Companies all over the world are already pumping millions into this investment. However, to position yourself ahead in the game, you will need to understand blockchain and, most importantly, get the best talents. With the ever-changing market and technology finding the perfect blockchain developers is challenging. The need to find top-quality blockchain developers who can make new implementations and advance the current systems is acute for companies and projects working on blockchains. For this reason, we have prepared a list of essential skills that all blockchain developers should possess.

Grasp of Cryptography and Security Principles

The security of blockchain technology relies on cryptography. A solid grasp of cryptography and security principles is essential to be a blockchain developer. Cryptography is the practice of protecting information from unwarranted access using very hard-to-break techniques. A developer can keep blockchain information safe and free from third-party interferences.

Knowledge of Smart Contracts

They are self-executing contracts that have become popular in the blockchain industry since the development of Etherium in the market. They are digital contracts that allow two or more parties to transact without an intermediary. They contain all the terms and conditions of the agreement and can only finish once the parties involved have fulfilled their requirements. In the coming years, the ability to write smart contracts will be in high demand. Therefore keep this in mind when hiring a blockchain developer.

Familiarity With Data Structures and Algorithms 

Extensive knowledge of data structures is essential for a blockchain developer. Blockchain comprises data structures, and blockchain itself is a data structure based on cryptography. The most popular databases types that you must be familiar with are account/balance for Etherium network and UTXOs for bitcoin.

On the other hand, algorithms are a series of instructions telling a computer what to do and are used to perform tasks and solve problems. The following consensus algorithms that you need to be familiar with include Proof of Stake and work and Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. Having a solid foundation of data structures and being able to write algorithms are among the top skills that a blockchain developer should possess.

Web Developments

Learning web development makes you a top-notch blockchain developer as, in many cases, you will be developing web apps. With excellent web development knowledge, you will be able to create great web apps. Most companies need blockchain developers who can develop apps for people with a limited understanding of blockchain. For this reason, your vast knowledge and experience in web development, programming, and design will make you stand out.

Familiarity With Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain architecture is available in three forms: public, private, and consortium architecture.

A blockchain developer should be able to understand each of these types of architecture and have an excellent knowledge of how they work. A proper understanding of these blockchain architectures is essential for any blockchain developer.

Profiency in High-level Programming Language

Blockchain technology uses different programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, Ruby, and JavaScript. They are all general-purpose programming languages that are used in blockchain development. Therefore, a great blockchain developer should possess proficiency in at least one or more programming languages.

With the ever-changing cryptocurrency prices, a good blockchain developer should also be able to keep track of these changes and be constantly updated. 


To ensure your company is at the top of the industry, hiring a blockchain developer with the right skills is crucial. In addition to the skills named above and requirements, a good blockchain developer should also understand blockchain technology.

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