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Greece Lotto – Tips and what to avoid when selecting numbers

When playing the lotto and speculating on the winning numbers, there is no holy grail that will guarantee a win, but there are a few tips and strategies that may help in choosing numbers. Greece Lotto-

Lottery numbers are drawn at random, but these randomly drawn numbers tend to form patterns. A lot of tips and strategies have been based on this through careful analysis of past lottery games.

The general rule is that that which is most possible is likely to happen the most often whereas that which is least possible is likely to happen least often.

Best tips and strategies when playing the Greece Lotto

Odd-even lotto numbers

When selecting numbers, players should try to have a relatively even mix of both odd and even numbers. The chances of the numbers drawn only being odd or only being even are low, occurring less than 3% of the time. 

With regards to the Greece Lotto, it is best to have 2/4, 4/2, or 3/3. This means that there are either two odd and four even numbers, four odd and two even numbers, or three odd and three even numbers.

One of these patterns is likely to occur in the drawing.

High-low lotto numbers

The winning numbers are generally spread across the whole number field. Where the Greece Lotto is concerned, this will be across a 49-number field. Numbers 1 to 25 will be in the low half while 26 to 49 will be in the high half. 

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It is rare that the winning numbers will all be either from the low or the high half. It is therefore advisable to have a mix with a 2/4, 4/2, or 3/3 ratio. This means that selected numbers should contain two low and four high numbers, four low and two high numbers, or an equal mix of three low and three high numbers.

Either of the three patterns are likely to be drawn, occurring in 81% of drawings.

Repeat hits

In the Greece Lotto, on average, there is one lotto number which will be a repeat hit from the last draw. This happens 56% of the time and it is not a definite strategy, but one which can be tested.

What to avoid when selecting numbers

Number combinations which have been drawn before

There are many players who believe that they should play numbers which have won the jackpot before. With the Greek Lotto and its format where there are two drawings in a week, a set of six numbers has a chance of being drawn once in every 134,459 years.

Avoid betting six consecutive numbers

There has never been a case where consecutive numbers, such as 1-2-3-4-5-6, have been drawn and this, and any other combination of consecutive numbers, should be avoided as it is a waste of time.

Avoid a single lotto number group

Players often choose numbers from the same number group such as single digits, tens, twenties, and so on. It is highly unlikely that numbers will be drawn from a single number group.

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