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Joe Rogan Height, Career, Podcast, and More Fun Facts!

About Joe Rogan

Want to look over some facts about Joe Rogan height, early life, Martial arts history, and more? Make sure that you read the entire article before we dig into such details. First, let us talk about the huge popularity of Joe Rogan and his Podcast.

Over the last few years, the term Podcast has become extremely common. The trend of listing/making podcasts has taken over the entertainment industry like a wildfire. Be it music, movies, or sports. Podcasts and different hosts of podcasts are getting viral almost every day. However, one particular personality outshines everyone else in this ballgame of podcasts. Yes, here we are talking about the famous and outspoken Joe Rogan.

About Joe’s Background


Along with his extremely popular Podcast, another major occupation of Joe Rogan is commentating. He is a commentator for the UFC world, which is also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. We will talk more about his work and his major feats below, so make sure that you stick around.

Here, we are going to share/discuss some fascinating info/facts about Joe Rogan and his popular show, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). The Joe Rogan Podcast is a tremendously popular show that has been winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

The JRE is not a fixated podcast that revolves around a particular theme or field. Here, the guests and the topics on which they discuss their thoughts can be from anywhere and from any field. This is one of the biggest reasons why this show has such huge and diverse fans and listeners. As the show is uploaded on sites like YouTube, it is easily accessible from any corner of the world.

What is it so Special?

Well, when we talk about the JRE of the Joe Rogan Experience, people love it because it is one of the most real and raw podcasts that you can find. Joe has a bold personality, and he doesn’t shy away from speaking his heart out. Hence, when the guests come up to his show, he tries to cover all the controversial and unconventional topics that most people in the industry shy away from. For example, when Elon Musk came to his show, he discussed a lot of topics with him which brought out a side of Elon Musk that no one was aware of.

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Elon got so comfortable on his Podcast that he even lit one joint (A hand-rolled cigarette made with marijuana). Here, we are going to talk/discuss various facts and topics related to him. If you want to know some info about Joe Rogan height, net worth, and martial arts history, then make sure that you stick around to read this whole article.

Joe Rogan Height Details

Let us start off this list of Joe Rogan facts with some height details. If you are a fan of Joe Rogan, then you must be aware of his passion and the internet in martial arts and other fighting sports. Besides being a praised commentator and a fitness freak, Joe himself used to practice martial arts and participate in MMA fights. While keeping this fact in mind, a lot of people may think that Joe Rogan is very tall. However, this is not true at all. Joe is only 5 feet and 6 inches which is somewhere a below-average height. However, despite his below-average height, Joe was a fierce fighter. With his outstanding skills, Joe won a lot of fights back when he used to participate in MMA fights actively.

Joe and His Experiments with Psychedelic Drugs


As we mentioned above, Joe Rogan is great at touching on unconventional topics, and that is one of the reasons why people love him. Another reason why he appeals to the youth is his views and take on drugs. Furthermore, Joe is an avid user of weed, and he advocates the usage of a lot of psychedelic drugs like mushrooms and acid. Moreover, he talks a lot about his experience and experiments with drugs as he believes they help us to expand and broaden our minds.

Joe’s Diet and Fitness Details

Now, let us talk about another fact about Joe that also lights up a bit of a controversy every now and then. We know that Joe is a hardcore fitness freak. However, his methods of enhancing and maintaining a fit body may not go down well with some sects of the society. Joe is all about health and fitness that carries an alpha male mentality. To maintain such a level of fitness and a ripped body, he consumes a lot of elk meat. Yes, that’s right, Joe advocates consuming elk meat on a regular basis. He takes it all back to when we were hunters roaming around, and he states that we were much for fit back then, so why not we adopt that line of diet. That is why he loves to dig into some elk meat almost regularly.

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Fight and Fitness! 

Joe rogan height

Just like his consumption of Elk meat and other habits, Joe also loves to fight. This passion for fighting comes out quite clearly when he is commentating on the UFC fights. In order to fulfill his desire to fight and stat fight, Joe has built his own little octagon/ring in his very home! Yes, you read that right. Joe still practices and fights in his own personal octagon/ring. Moreover, since his circle is also from the field of fighting, he has a lot of fun with them by throwing them challenges to fight him in the ring.

Love to Hunt! 

Joe Rogan height

Now that you know facts about Joe Rogan Height, Career, and more, let us talk about something a bit more controversial again. Another thing that he is famous for and which is conventional is his love for hunting. He is a strong advocate of the hunt what you eat movement., Yes, it may sound weird to understand and digest this move in this age and era, but he is all for it as he loves to eat meat in his meals, like elk meat, deer meat, etc. Hence, he loves to go hunting in the vicinities where hunting of a certain kind/sort is still legal.

Joe Rogan Height, Career, Facts- Conclusion

From Elk meat to UFC fighting, we talked about an of interesting facts related to Joe Rogan. We hope that with these facts and details, now you know about your favorite podcast host. Despite his controversial views and advocacies, he is an extremely knowledgeable person. Moreover, with JRE, he is reaching millions of people and sharing this knowledge. 

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