Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry – Details About the Gruesome Crime

About Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

If you stay updated with news about crime and criminals, you surely would be aware of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. These two names are of the kids involved in a gruesome murder case that shook up many people. The case of this murder is extremely horrifying because it involves the murder of an innocent 12-year-old child. Furthermore, the murder was done by his friend, who was just 16 at that point in time.

Yes, it may seem and look a bit hard to believe, but this case actually took place where Gabriel Kuhn was murdered by Daniel Patry, and that too for some virtual currency. The more details of this Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry case, you know, the more weird and horrifying it gets. This event took place back in 2007 when this news story came out. Even then, people were finding it hard to believe that such an incident could occur.

Why is it resurfacing in 2022?

gabriel kuch and Daneil Patry

Well, as this crime took place back in 2007, you must be wondering why all of this is in talk now? Well, as you know, the internet simply loves to dig in deep in such cases. Due to the curious peeps on the net, people who were eager to know more made it trending again. When we say more, we mean that they were looking for all the answers. Along with digging for details, the people are also pitching their own versions of the story. People are now thinking about what else could be the core of the story, or is there something else in it or not?

More About Daniel Party

Daniel Party is from Santa Catarina, Brazil, where he was born in 1991. After the infamous incident, the parents were taken up for interrogation as well. In the long hours of interrogation, they came out with a lot of crucial information. All this information made the case against Daniel more solid. Moreover, his bothersome past makes the case even more complicated. Daniel Patry had a history of disturbed mental state and even went through therapy for the same. The parents were really worried as Daniel was not able to keep a sane state of mind. Moreover, even after going through several therapists and psychologists and treatments, he used to quit or escape it after a while. So, because of this habit of discontinuing treatment, his mental state could not improve over time and got worse.

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Some More Background About the Case- Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry.

Well, before we dig into the case and its conclusion, it is important to know a little more background about these two kids/children and the situation. To begin with, both of these kids that hail from brazil were very much into online gaming. They used to play various online multiplayer games on PC or Playstation that were taking over the internet back in 2007. As the gaming world was emerging with new and different online games, it was obvious that a lot of children were falling in love with them. The same was the case with Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. They both were online game friends. However, no one knew that one online gaming friendship between two children could take such a dark turn.

The two kids were living in the same neighborhood, but they got in touch via online gaming. Both Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry belong to a struggling class in Brazil where the parents were working hard to make ends meet.

How did the events take place?

Now that we know/discuss a little more about the two kids and their backgrounds. Let us now focus on the case/event and see why and how this gruesome crime took place. Despite the troubled past of Daniel Patry, he was active in several online games. He spent a lot of time playing/enjoying these online games and playing with other players. Gabriel and Daniel Patry met in an online multiplayer online. They used to play together frequently. Over time, they got to know that they were from the very same neighborhood. Things were going ok initially. However, one time, Gabriel took 20,000 online currency points from Patry in the game.

After some days, Daniel kept asking for those 20,000 points as he promised that he would get those online currency points soon. However, after asking for those currency points again and again, Daniel was losing his cool. As he already knew where Gabriel lived (which was nearby to his home only) so he decided to take matters to his doorstep. One day, he suddenly rushed to his home asking for those 20,000 back.

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What Happened in the House?

When he went to his home, Gabriel was too scared to open the door. He knew how angry and upset Daniel was. That night, Gabriel was alone as his mother was out of town, and her return was due late in the night. Patry was already aware of this fact as he made numerous calls to his home asking for the online currency.

As Gabriel refused to open the door, Patry told him that everything between them would sort out if Kuhn apologized to him and asked for forgiveness. Gabriel fell for this fake promise and opened the door. As soon he could enter the house, Patry got in and locked the door from inside. Once he was in, he got into an altercation with Gabriel. Despite his various attempts at self-defense, Kuhn could not do anything to save himself from the harsh beating. Then, Patry found a string and choked him till Kuhn became almost unconscious. Leaving him bathing in blood, Daniel wanted to vent out some more aggression by cutting him up. He found a chainsaw from the garage and started cutting his one limb.

No Help or Rescue 

Despite screaming/shouting at the top of his lungs, no one came to his recuse till his last breath. After chopping off his limb, he took it a step further. He chopped up his body and then tried to hide it. After realizing that he could not hide the body as it was a bit too heavy for him, he fled the scene. Later in the night, when Gabriel’s mother came back, she saw her son’s body chopped up, lying on the floor covered in blood.

The Case Conclusion

Gabreil kuhn and Daniel Patry

Daniel Patry was found guilty of the case as he admitted to the crime and gave the absurd reason for it too. However, due to the loopholes in the judiciary system and being underage, he only got a 3-year sentence in jail. As of today, he is roaming free, but no one knows where he is and what he is doing.