Factors Contributing to the Increase of Online Betting in Africa

Sports betting in Africa is growing at an all-time rate, and we’re seeing surges in various countries, especially in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and The Gambia. With this growing surge, many sports betting sites are beginning to pitch their tents in these various African countries. Some even offer to countries that haven’t fully legalized the activities yet.

So, what’s the cause for the sudden surge in score predictions and different sports betting activities? To give you an insight into it, here are some factors contributing to the increase of online betting in Africa. 


Many countries in Africa are experiencing an all-time high inflation rate, making it hard for many families and individuals to feed themselves. As a result, people are looking for ways to make money, and one of the legal ways out there is through sports betting. 

People are getting news of others winning millions from placing sports bets, and as a result, it’s attractive for the average person. In that case, the push to try their luck is becoming rampant across many African countries and cities.

Increase in Unemployment Rate

In addition to inflation, the unemployment rate worldwide is increasing, and the African continent is one of the most hit on the top list. So, its people are looking for a way to ensure food and all other basic amenities are available.

Since that’s the case, many individuals, especially those in the Youth demography, turn to sports betting to raise funds for businesses and other activities. With the continuous increase in people winning, it’s not a surprise that more people are choosing to engage in sports betting. 

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Improved Access to the Internet

Although access to the internet has been available in many African countries for the past few decades, it hasn’t been as good as it is now. Therefore, it’s easier for people to find a top-notch sportsbook to join and try their luck with the games. Those who win continue trying to win more, and those who haven’t keep trying.  

Better Gambling Laws

In the past, gambling was illegal in a lot of African countries. Today, however, many countries worldwide, including those in Africa, allow their citizens to participate in different gambling forms. With better gambling laws, players feel more protected. Therefore, it’s easy for them to trust the sportsbooks licensed by the government.

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