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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your New Airpods 3

If you’ve just purchased a new AirPods 3, you can expect to have a cool gadget that allows you to listen to music, ask Siri a question, or answer a phone call without even touching your iPhone. It now has spatial audio, a longer battery life span, and a pinch-perfect control sensor for more control on your AirPods. For its fantastic features, it is perfectly worth buying for its price.

With the use of modern technology, it is now more durable compared to the past generation of Airpods, but that does not mean that it is not unbreakable. So if you don’t want to wake up and see that your AirPods won’t charge or fail to function, here is the list of tips that you can do to take care of your newly purchased Airpods 3.

1. Always Store Airpods in Their Case

After using your Airpods, always ensure to keep them inside their case. The case can supply a 24-hour battery life for charging, making it always ready to use whenever you need them. Also, keeping it in its case whenever you don’t use it can prevent you from losing it from accidents such as unintentionally misplacing it. 

2. Clean Your Airpods Regularly

After some time of using your AirPods, it may gather earwax, dirt, and dust that can clog its speakers and thus affect the sound quality that it can give. With accumulated dirt and dust, micro bacteria can also build up and give you a painful ear infection in no time. That’s why regular cleaning is necessary to maintain its quality and usefulness.

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And to clean your AirPods, Apple generally suggests using 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or using Clorox disinfecting wipes and gently wiping them to remove dirt and dust.

3. Stop Exposing Your Airpods to any Extreme Temperature

Extreme heat and cold can bring potential danger to your AirPods. As suggested, you can still use your AirPods at a temperature ranging between 0 to 35ºC or 32 to 95ºF. But if you use it at anything lower or higher than the recommended, this extreme temperature can affect the AirPods performance. It may also have long-term damage to its batteries and the whole device itself. So try to avoid exposing your AirPods to direct sunlight or leave it outside in a cold winter temperature.

4. Always Take Care of the Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have the highest energy density in the rechargeable-battery market today. And on average, the AirPods 3 lithium-ion batteries lifespan can last about 2-3 years. But its lifespan and effectiveness can wear off if we do not give it proper attention and use it correctly for long-term battery health. 

One way to properly take care of your batteries is to avoid overcharging using an unofficial charger of an AirPods. On the other hand, do not let your AirPods remain uncharged for an extended time. Also, always keep your AirPods clean and dry. They are water-resistant and proven to be sweat-proof to a certain extent, but they are not waterproof.

5. Avoid Getting Your Airpods Wet with Any Liquid as Much as Possible

As we said earlier, Airpods are not waterproof. So if we want to prolong our device’s lifespan, it is best to refrain from using it in water-related activities such as swimming, showering, or even walking in the rain. But aside from water and sweat, Apple also warns that other liquids such as sunscreens, lotion, insect repellants, and other chemicals can harm the AirPods water seals and thus the whole device.

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But if you accidentally submerged your AirPod in the water, the first thing to do is wipe it out and let it dry for some time. Avoid using or charging your devices as long as possible and wait until it completely dries up.

6. Do not Keep Your Airpods in a Shallow Pocket

Our AirPods 3 has a sleek and handy design, perfect for our always-on-the-go lifestyle. And when not in use, many of us will most likely shove it comfortably into our pockets. But the problem with this practice is that it makes our AirPods prone to accidents such as slipping out whenever we walk or sit down. When not in use, the best way to keep our device is by putting it inside the charging case and storing it inside your bag.

7. An External Airpods Case can Give Extra Protection

Just like the AirPods, the original charging case of your device is prone to damage when exposed to dust and water. But luckily, there are several external AirPods cases that you can buy today to give your AirPods case extra protection. Whether you choose silicone or a hard case, having an additional safeguard is always a good choice for new owners of AirPods 3, just like you.

Final Thoughts

As we invest our money in these gadgets like this, we always expect to make those purchases worth it. The AirPod’s lifespan will vary depending on how well they are cared for and the amount of use they endure. And with the list above, we hope you can enjoy and have incredible memories with your AirPods 3 for a very long time. You may learn more about updates on mobile, gaming, social media, and more by staying tuned at