The Complete Guide to the Epump Set with Flush Bag, So You Can Successfully and Easily use it

Introduction: What is an epump set with flush bag?

When patients need nourishment through continuous feeding, intermittent feeding, or feeding and flushing, an epump set with flush bag provides it in one small, simple piece of equipment.

Getting the Epump Set with Flush Bag ready and loaded for feeding

Simply fill the feeding bag or spike the feeding container according to your standard procedure as the first step of basic pump operation. Caution: Failure to hang the set to the correct level can lead to an inaccurate system. The bottom of the feeding set bag must be 18 inches above the top of the feeding pump.

What Are the Advantages of Using Epumps Set with Flush Bags?

The ePump Feeding Set is intended to be secure for patients and provide precise nutrition administration. If the bag disconnects from the pump, an anti-free-flow function stops the fluid from flowing freely into the patient or out of the bag. This function also engages if the bag is not loaded properly and aids in avoiding any kind of formula loss. The top of the feeding bags has a sizable opening that makes it simple and quick to fill the bag with feed. The bag’s easy-to-grip handle and sealed opening may be used to carry the bag and hang it for usage. The bags in the set cannot be used with IV tubes because of the set’s wide stepped connection. This makes the bags’ intended use more obvious and helps prevent confusion.

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Order from where?

Joya Medical Supplies offers Kangaroo EPUMP 1000ML Feed and 1000ML Flush Bag Set with Inline Medication Port. Kangaroo™ feeding sets are manufactured with ENFit™ connectors that allow caregivers to attach feeding tubes more securely. It is compatible with the feeding port which is a more advanced and convenient way of tube feeding.