What monetary costs do the amateur and professional gamers have

Previously, all the profit from video games came from the purchase of the game itself, but now in the era of digital technology, more than 95% of the profit comes from in-game purchases made by players. Below we will try to figure out what the typical gamer spends his money on and what it gives him, what kind of equipment amateur and professional gamers use, as well as the extra costs that can be faced.

Why do Gamers Invest Their Real Money in Games? 

In today’s reality, it’s extremely difficult to imagine life without video games and virtual world, which is why the developers of these games are trying to improve this system in every possible way, so that players can fully immerse themselves in an imaginary world. Moreover, they can not only enjoy an interesting storyline and mechanics, but also take care of the appearance of his character, his house, the environment, etc. You can read about the varieties of video games and their specifics here: Depending on the genre of the game, gamers can spend money on different game add-ons, which ones you can find in the detailed table below: 


Game genre Paid add-ons
Shooters In games of this genre, players mainly invest money in improved types of weapons, skins on it, or additional items such as first aid kits, grenades, etc. 
PvP games In this genre, content is mainly purchased to help the player become stronger than the enemy. Additional weapons or temporary character enhancements can be such content.
Adventure and indie games The most diverse genre, which can be found in any game store. The most frequent purchases for these games are additional stories or new characters.
RPG games Perhaps they are the most popular and relevant in the current gaming market, moreover, in-game purchases in them are made more often. New characters are often purchased, or their level upgrade, and the tendency to buy additional levels for passing and even the ability to save game progress is also considered.
Solitaire A timeless classic where players do not hesitate to spend a large sum of money for a good bet and a really good gamble.
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Every kind of game has its own add-ons, but 95% of games have game currency, which can also be bought with real money. However, there is still a question, why do people spend real money on virtual and non-tangible add-ons? It’s simple. According to consumer value theory, digital purchases meet many of our natural requirements:

  • Social.
  • Epistemological.
  • Emotional.
  • Functional.
  • Conditional.

All of the above conditions need to be met for the stability of psychological health, which most gamers cope with perfectly. You can read about the impact of games on the human psyche here:

What Kind of Games Can Gamblers Play? 

There is a myth that gamers prefer to play only video games, but that is absolutely not true. Originally, the word “gamer” really implied a video game player, but after time has passed, the word has been used more extensively. Today, a casino player and even a table game fan can also be called a gamer. Moreover, in casinos like Red Dog Casino usa, you can have fun and earn money which can be spent on online games. 


The casino games also have a genre system with different additional in-game content that you can spend money on, such as bonuses or expansions. This means that the average video game fan will probably enjoy casino games. 


Nowadays people of older generations are also entering the world of gaming, which expands the content of the virtual world and adds to it famous and old games, even if they are slightly unfamiliar to young players. Such “adult” gamers will hardly invest their money in shooters or PvP games, but they will gladly make a big bet on poker games they know. 

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Additional Costs  

Despite the fact that there is a huge variety of interesting games that can be played on almost any phone, in most cases, amateur gamers prefer to spend money on a good portable computer with lots of memory, processor power and a large monitor. The additional expense will also include quality accessories such as mouse pads, comfortable gaming chairs, illuminated keyboards, etc. to make immersion in the game even more comfortable. 

If a gamer is professionally involved in gaming sports, he needs to have the appropriate “equipment”, which includes expensive parts to assemble a powerful PC, a certain set of purchased in-game content, as well as team development fees, if there is such. Team fees collect money for organizing online tournaments and training sessions, and even separate studios can be rented, where club members can have a good time and prepare for the upcoming competitions at the same time. A great advantage of professional cybersports is the opportunity to earn good money if you win, because this kind of winnings will definitely pay back all your investments. 


Additional expenses can also include monthly subscriptions to various streaming services, such as Steam, where most gamers buy new games. 


Each gamer chooses his own environment, which will also determine his expenses. Obviously, amateur gamers who prefer to play on the phone are not even close to professional players in terms of the amount of investment in online games. However, this kind of donation only benefits both developers and players. Since the developers start to develop their game from the income they receive, releasing unscheduled updates and exclusive content. In turn, the players get only pleasure from this and the motivation to support the developers of their favorite games even more financially. 

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