7 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Worth Giving to Music Lovers

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the last thing you want to do is cram your Christmas shopping–especially when you’re planning to be extra generous this year with a longer list of loved ones to give. Don’t fall for the trap! It may seem convenient and easy to buy online at the last minute, but things could go wrong, like delayed shipments. So, it would be helpful to explore gift ideas ahead!

For that friend addicted to music, we’ve curated this list of seven thoughtful Christmas presents they will love. It includes getting them a concert ticket organizer and a record player stand to match their room and record player aesthetic. Let’s start without further ado!

1. An acrylic LED frame of your friendship song

Does your friend have an ultimate favorite song they’ve listened to over a million times? If you’re lucky to know this detail of their life, you must get them an LED frame of their favorite song! If not, you can choose your friendship song if you have one.

Acrylic LED frames are framed glasses with an acrylic print of a song’s album cover art, title, and Spotify barcode. Strengthen your friendship by giving this as a Christmas gift, so your recipient will easily play their favorite song whenever they or visitors scan the Spotify barcode. You can get one customized at Amazon for not more than 20 USD. It’s a thoughtful gift that won’t require a huge budget!

2. Concert ticket stub organizer

If your friend is the next-level type of audiophile, they have gone to countless concerts in their lifetime–and will surely attend more. It would then be best to get them a concert ticket stub organizer, especially if they don’t have one yet. Each page will have multiple portions for the ticket itself, a label for the date, and the band’s name for proper documentation.

\Your recipient will adore you for this present because a stub organizer will make their life easier in keeping their collection of prized concert tickets. They are likely to be the sentimental type of folks, so valuable things as such should be kept safe. Make it happen with this thoughtful present!

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3. Apple EarPods

Get your music-loving friend a new pair of EarPods for Christmas. Be sure you didn’t misread that–we mean EarPods, not AirPods! Undoubtedly, your recipient by now already has a decent pair of wireless earbuds–however, its battery won’t last forever, and they may never have made time to get a pair of wired headphones yet.

That said, set them up for emergencies or long road trips. Apple EarPods are a staple, budget-friendly option for wired music listening. Ensure that you know which device your recipient is using. Get them the 3.5mm EarPods if they still use a headphone jack device. Otherwise, if they’re always on their iPhone with the Lightning port, get them the Lightning EarPods. Anyone into endless music listening will undoubtedly appreciate this gift and love you.

4. 256GB iPod Touch

These days, people’s ultimate music players are no other than their smartphones. However, there is always that thought of wanting to save battery–so certain audiophiles are held back from enjoying their listening. No worries! An iPod Touch seems like an old-school choice, but it’s the best-dedicated music player out there that isn’t a phone. Your recipient will never have to worry about their phone’s battery running out while on the go. The Touch is smaller and thinner than today’s smartphones, making them convenient to carry around. 

The 256GGB option will be ideal for heavy music listeners requiring a massive chunk of storage memory. Let them listen to their heart’s content whether they opt for Spotify, Apple Music, or existing offline music libraries. Thanks to you, and this music player, they will surely be ready to jingle bell rock!

5. Limited edition merch of their favorite band

Is your friend a full-fledged fan of a band or song group? If so, they will be in for a treat with limited edition merch from their favorite artist! Merch is one of the ways a fan can show how loud and proud they are of a band. Depending on the artist, you may be surprised at how costly merch can be. But nothing will compare to the happiness they get when receiving this present–especially if you have the bucks for limited edition merch, regardless if these are posters, shirts, photocards, or phone cases. Your recipient will love them forever.

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6.A musical instrument they play

More often than not, people who love music play an instrument. And if you’re willing to take things up a notch, nothing will make your recipient’s Christmas merrier than spending good money on a brand-new musical instrument they play. It could be a worthy replacement for the old instrument they’re playing now or perhaps the one they don’t yet have. 

While getting them instruments from ordinary brands is alright, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile by getting them from renowned ones. Going for high-end brands often promises lifetime enjoyment. For example, they can enjoy a Yamaha acoustic guitar for long years–and the older it gets, the better it sounds. So, don’t go cheap and get your recipient a proper musical instrument.

7. Vinyl record player and stand

Whether vintage or recently manufactured, vinyl record players are coming back for many reasons. For some, it makes their studio or bedroom more aesthetic, while others feel nostalgic about how people played music in the old days. Some wish to try living in the past by having this music-listening experience.

So, any recipient of yours who has a fine appreciation for music will undoubtedly love this Christmas gift with one or a combination of these things. Vinyl records are said to have a fuller and richer sound compared to digital formats, where the quality is compressed. You should give your loved one a classy way to listen to music. Also, ensure that it comes with a record stand! It would be best to select a record stand that would complement the style of the bedroom or living room your recipient may be putting it.


Audiophiles aren’t hard to please–if you’re planning to give a friend of yours a Christmas present. Knowing their favorite song or artist can go a long way in getting them the Christmas gift that they will love you for. We hope this post has helped give you great gift ideas for the music addict of your life.

Suppose you’re in the market for storage solutions for a loved one or yourself, head over to! Remember to stay safe, and have a joyous Christmas this year!