Factors To Consider When Finding Golf Predictions

There is no doubt that golf betting is one of the most enjoyable and potentially profitable gambling experiences on offer today. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to betting on this sport, since it is a somewhat niche one. It is possible to bet on professional golf in a few different ways. 

Sports like basketball, baseball, and football have their own unique betting styles, unlike golf which features point spreads, money lines, and totals. When searching for golf predictions, there are several factors to consider. We will discuss some of these factors in this article.

1•  Know the course

It is imperative to understand the course layout, whether you’re wagering weekly or on a long-term basis. There is usually only one team competing against another in most sports. When it comes to golf, it is more about the golfer versus the course. 

There is no one type of course and they all come with their own set of obstacles for golfers to overcome. There are some courses that are long, and some that are short. There are some courses with narrow trees while there are some with wide open spaces. 

Depending on the course, some greens are small and some are large. By identifying a few key facts about each course, a simple overview can help narrow down the field of over 150 golfers. There are many websites or individual course sites that offer detailed summaries of courses to help with your golf predictions.

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2• Pay Attention to a Player’s Recent Form

No matter the tournament, it is important to take a player’s recent form into account when making golf predictions. Athletes in golf are prone to running hot and cold. Pay attention to players who are currently struggling or coming into a tournament on a roll. 

In the same way that baseball teams are streaky, golfers can occasionally fall off or hone in during a particular tournament. A “play for” or “play against” rating is assigned to a player every week, based on the opening line. Then, search for possible matchups in which the “play for” and the “play against” can be matched up.

3•  Consider Course History and Weather Conditions

In any event, course history is crucial, but at the Masters it is even more important. Rather than looking solely at the top 10 players in the world rankings, consider players who have prior success on the particular course. 

An important factor to consider when determining what to play is the type of course and what kind of weather that is expected. Take note of a player’s past performance on a particular course, as well as their past performance on courses with similar layouts.

4• Always Look for the Best Line

It is always a good idea to look at that ten cent line (-110), i.e. an even matchup, when predicting head-to-head golf matchups. It is well known that sportsbooks have widened their margins over time on all sports, and golf is no exception. There are some places where you can find -115 or even -120 on matchups. 

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Ensure that you have as many options as possible by shopping around for the most competitive line. In the long run, it will make a big difference in your bottom line to get the best price on a play, even if it seems like a nickel here or there. It doesn’t seem like much when Justin Rose is -125 over Tiger Woods in a matchup when it is -150 elsewhere, but these are the margins that must be improved over the long run.


Golf predictions need to take into consideration a number of other factors, but in this short article, it’s difficult to include them all, but we have managed to include some of the most important ones. We would appreciate your feedback on other important factors we might have overlooked when finding golf predictions.