Everything You Need to Know about Cisco CCDE Certification

What exactly is CCDE?

Those network designers have been waiting for the expert-level certification called the CCDE. The CCDE certification is similar to the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification in that you must pass a two-hour computerised test and a full-day, hands-on lab/practical exam at a Cisco testing facility. Before scheduling the lab exam, you must pass the computerised exam. In addition, you must be familiar with how to design advanced networks because it is the subject of the CCDE written exam, which is called ADVDESIGN. Before taking the test, Cisco advises that you have at least five to seven years of experience developing complex networks. According to the exam blueprint, the two-hour exam covers pretty much everything there is to know about complicated networks. If you pass the CCDE written exam, you will be recertified for your CCDA, CCNA, and CCIE Cisco certifications. After passing the computerised exam, a few Cisco offices will let you book your lab exam. However, Cisco still needs to provide exact venues or exam times for the practical exam.

The CCDE practical exam will be an eight-hour scenario-based test that “tests your ability to identify, manage, and create advanced infrastructure design solutions for large-scale networks.” It will be similar to the CCIE practical exam. Having taken multiple CCIE hands-on practical exams, I am confident that the CCDE practical exam will be just as challenging.

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Why is there no CCIE for network design?

Candidates for the CCDE will get a unique number and other benefits, the same as the CCIE. So why didn’t Cisco develop a CCIE certification for network design? Despite considering it, Cisco ultimately decided against it since the themes differed. Now that they are “peer” qualifications, the CCIE and the CCDE are interchangeable. Only time will tell if the CCDE gains the same notoriety and acclaim as the CCIE. Recruiters and managers frequently use the terms CCNA and CCIE; for example, “we have five IEs and two NAs on staff.” Can the new “DE” achieve the same success? Undoubtedly, other Cisco certifications like the CCNET, CCVP, CCSP, CCIP, and even the CCDP have needed help to surpass the CCNA and CCIE in terms of popularity. Network administrators naturally go for the most well-known credentials, even though it’s not always a popularity contest, because they might help them get the next big job or pay boost.

Reasons to consider the CCDE for four.

The new CCDE certification is something I’m thinking about getting, and you should too. Here are four factors to consider:

  • Contrary to CCNP, CCDP, or MCSE certifications, the CCDE doesn’t require you to pass many tests. One written exam and one practical exam are all that is required.
  • The CCDE may be of greater interest to you than other certificates if, like me, you prefer creating complicated networks to tinkering with and fixing complex network routing or security.
  • The CCIE has been excellently represented, improved, and promoted by Cisco. As a result, the CCDE will gain widespread recognition, just like the CCIE does now.
  • The CCDE demonstrates your ability to create some of the most intricate and sophisticated networks today. Proof of this ability can be really helpful for your job.
  • The CCDE salary of a candidate is much more than any other profession.
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Take your time with things, though; ensure that you have the necessary design experience on large networks, get ready for some challenging exams, and are prepared to pay a significantly higher price than other certifications in terms of both time and money.


A brand-new, expert-level Cisco design certification identical to the CCIE is called the CCDE. Study materials and test details are only available on Cisco’s CCDE website as it is brand-new.

The CCDE represents the apex of Cisco’s advanced network design knowledge. Cisco network design experts have long requested this certification, and only time will tell how well-liked it will be.

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