Deciding What Car to Purchase

Deciding What Car to Purchase

Process of buying a car in south africa may be a slow procedure as there is extra paperwork for international purchasers. A resident visa or permission to operate is the main thing you’ll want before purchasing a car. What you may also want to do is get a South African driver’s license. International drivers, but foreigners can usually drive with an old international driver’s permit for the very first year.  

Purchasing a Car in South Africa

Typically, cars are much more costly in South Africa than they would be in the US. However, many South Africans own cars because the public transport network in the country can be unreliable. 

Like many countries, South Africa has popular models of Japanese and Korean automobiles. 

The best way to buy a car in South Africa is similar to purchasing a car in many countries around the globe. You need, though, to have the right licenses, know exactly where you are looking, and have the necessary documents at your fingertips.

Documents for Buying a New Car

Though it is expensive to buy a brand-new car in South Africa, a sales contract usually comes with a free servicing or service plan for up to 5 years.

Once you want to buy a new one in South Africa, it’s a great move to investigate the makes as well as models locally available, as well as how you intend to use the vehicle. As soon as you’ve decided on your selection, you can get in touch with some dealers and make arrangements for a test drive.

When you have found a car that you want to buy, you need to fill out enough papers and get funding. What documents are needed to buy a car? The following paperwork should also be submitted to them:

  • Proof of address (e.g., mortgage, rental agreement, a title deed, or utility bill);
  • Confirmation of address (e.g., mortgage, lease, a title deed, or utility bill);
  • Residential Visa.
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What to look for when buying a car? Typically, when you buy a brand-new car, the seller helps you with insurance, financing, and vehicle registration. At a South African auto dealership, you can buy a car by paying the full price upfront. Yet most dealerships have a payment plan or a financing deal. Prolonged financing is among the most common ways to pay off cars in the nation. Consider also entering into a leasing arrangement, in this case, you pay a fixed monthly charge for the vehicle over a certain amount of years.

Where to Buy a New Car

So if you want to buy new in South Africa, the best option is going to an official retailer. However, conduct a little background research first to find reputable dealer locations.

  1. Automobile dealerships.

The majority of South African shoppers prefer to buy a car via reputable dealerships. A lot of them are third-party retail contract car dealers that sell a certain brand. A few third-party dealer resellers work with several different car companies. 

2. Vehicle brokers,

Auto brokers are somewhat unlike dealerships. Rather, they act as middlemen, providing info and advice on car makes, finance, and insurance. Additionally, brokers often have more access to a broader list of cars, and they are not restricted to one make like some other dealers.

3. Online requirements for buying a car.

While many South Africans research online to find a vehicle, they are not often buying a used one without a physical examination and testing ride.

Car Registration and Other Documents in South Africa

After you buy a car, you need to register it in South Africa. You must register your vehicle with the local licensing office within 21 days of changing ownership. If you buy a car in South Africa from a registered dealer, it must come with a certificate of roadworthiness, previous owner’s details, and proof of payment. <In addition, you will need your passport, foreign driver’s license, certificate of residence, and registration number. If your vehicle is financed, the financial institution will be the owner. Getting a vehicle registration number can be tricky. You will need to go to your local licensing office, fill out an application form, and pay the license fee, which varies depending on the type of vehicle you buy. You can find complete information on how to buy a car and register your vehicle on the government website. 

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Your South African car registration becomes invalid if: 

  • the license disc is not renewed for more than four years 
  • the car is involved in an accident and is deemed permanently unfit to drive 
  • you sell the car or change ownership the car is repossessed for more than 31 days
  • There is a certificate of deregistration.  

After you purchase a vehicle in South Africa, to register it at the provincial license office you have a period of 21 calendar days to do so. The documents you need are as shown below:

  • Rating of Roadworthiness Certificate
  • Ongoing registration
  • Evidence of payment
  • Work permit or visa-stamped ID
  • Vehicle license
  • Proof of address
  • 2 passport photographs

Your vehicle registration should be completed by the car dealer or a private seller when transferring the title to the automobile.  

As soon as the vehicle registration is done, you will be able to pick up all new documents from the vehicle licensing office. Among these are:

  • Copy of your registration certificate.
  • Registration (i.e. license) disc, which will be displayed on your windshield
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle’s license plates
  • Foreigners who do not have a South African ID card also need a Traffic Registration Number (TRN) to legally purchase a vehicle.

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