Cuban Link Chain

5 Outfit Ideas to Mix a Cuban Link Chain

In the jewelry world there’s no as versatile and diverse item as a chain necklace. It is able to complete any look and add the right accents to the outfit. The gold chain is as easy to combine with other jewelry as with any style of clothing. And to prove we’re right, let’s take one of the most popular chain styles and try to insert it into different looks.

The chain we’re going to experiment with here is the Cuban link necklace. It can be called an iconic chain without any exaggeration. The Cuban link chain is the world-famous necklace that started its way in the 1970s in Miami as the favorite bling jewelry of rappers. As the music and culture gained success and love of the public, so did all the attributes of the style, and the Cuban link chain was one of the most vivid and flashy of them. The distinctive massive gold twisted links of its pattern often covered with diamonds have soon gained a steady association with fame and success. No wonder, the demand for the necklace grew dramatically, and the jewelry rapidly flooded mainstream fashion. And very soon, as expected, the Cuban chain could be seen featured with all the styles of clothing possible, successfully performing the job of adding luxury and glamor to the looks. So, let’s finally get to the 5 outfit ideas that can be mixed with this classic of high-end jewelry.

1. Hip-hop style

Cuban Link Chain

As dictated by the history of the Cuban link chain, it would only be natural to start with its origin. The jewelry became so loved by rappers and hip-hop designers for its strength and looks. The first is guaranteed by the construction of the chain and makes the essential criterion of the bling jewelry, as it should be ready to handle the weight of enormous heavy pendants. The second is provided by the polished shiny links, which make the Cuban necklace show off all the brilliance and luster it possesses. Therefore, the chain creates a great contrast with baggy T-shirts and hoodies, as if demonstrating how simple clothing can be combined with exquisite jewelry. Another reminder that the person from the block can become the top celebrity who doesn’t count money.

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So, here’s the outfit idea: loose T-shirt with a graphic print, a Pelle Pelle leather jacket, baggy jeans, a pair of Nike or Jordan sneakers and an iced-out Cuban link chain. Don’t be too surprised when someone on the street asks to take a selfie with you or wants you to sign something for them chattering excitedly about how much they loved your last album.

2. Business-casual

These days the business relationships have slightly stepped away from strict and formal to the more relaxed and easy communication. The outfit follows the tendency, providing more options today to demonstrate your personality and style. The jewelry for the office look has also become bolder and larger, making the Cuban link chain the great item to liven up the atmosphere of a dull routine. This necklace is also the clear sign for your business partners that all you aim for is success. It’s the statement jewelry that speaks of you as a straightforward and confident person with strong character.

The great combinations of a gold Cuban link chain with business-casual outfits are: the buttoned-up white shirt or a blouse with a short Cuban link choker over it right under the classic collar; or the win-win contrast of an oversized black blazer with a massive gold Cuban necklace, finish the look with massive statement earrings or the chain bracelet of the same style. You may also add a belt with a gold colored buckle. The edgy style will make sure you’ll achieve your work goals or might even get a raise.

3. Casual

Cuban Link Chain

There’s probably no as much freedom in any look as in casual. It’s easy to fit almost any chain necklace into the style, but as long as we’re talking about the Cuban chain, let’s pick the best informal and relaxed outfit to mix it with. 

This year the all-black outfits return into fashion, so it’s the time to put your favorite black t-shirt on and match it with a pair of black jeans or leather pants, add a black cap with a meaningful phrase and a pair of black boots. But in order to make your image not too gloomy try adding some massive jewelry and accessories, like an iced-out Cuban chain and a pair of studded shades. The choice of color makes the impression you weren’t trying too hard choosing an outfit, but the exquisite diamond Cuban chain will highlight the undeniable sense of style you possess in order to pull off the dark and somewhat mysterious image effortlessly. The main key to make a good impression while wearing the ensemble is your comfort.

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4. Beach style

As the style coming from Miami, the Cuban link chain is the jewelry created for the beach outfits. Colorful clothes, as well as light outfits make the hot summer fun and bright. The Cuban necklace can be mixed with those types of clothing with natural ease. The perfect look for the well-deserved vacation is provided by the mix of the iced-out white gold Cuban chain and a plain white tee, and a combination of large sunglasses with a colorful frame and a pair of shorts picturing the burst of neon paint. It’s the long awaited time to go all out, in clothes, jewelry and relax.

5. Romantic

Cuban Link Chain

If you’re going for a date and intent to impress your partner, but wish to keep your outfit balanced not to give the idea you’re trying too hard, you’ve come to the right place. It’s also important to keep the balance between the looks that are too reserved and the ones that may show too much skin. The black crop top with the layer of transparent fabric over it, white skirt (consider either the full coverage underwear or a pair of booty shorts if you opt for the short skirt), white sneakers and a massive yellow gold Cuban chain choker. It’s the mixture of airy light fabric and the heavy bulky necklace that draws the attention and makes the image appealing. 

Having doubts about the cost of a large gold chain? The 10k gold chain worth will make a pleasant surprise for you. It’s the jewelry to demonstrate that you don’t require high maintenance, but won’t lower your standards either. The nice compromise of romantic outfit and statement jewelry.

After all the ideas from the above concerning the outfits to try and mix with the Cuban link chain, it’s hard not to agree that it’s one of the best necklaces modern fashion is able to suggest. It’s strong, practical, appealing, lustrous and stylish. The Cuban chain is the jewelry that’ll make your outfit unforgettable regardless of its style and design. It’s the necklace to flawlessly satisfy your needs and preferences.

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