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Introduction Part 

Volkswagen is a famous manufacturer around the globe when it comes to stylish and safe vehicles. With a total staff lies around 700,000 plus. Volkswagen has the capacity to manufacture 10 million plus vehicle units in a single year. The company specializes in manufacturing 15 different vehicle models. With such figures, you can take an idea about the market of Volkswagen.

Each Volkswagen vehicle has a unique identification number comprising 17 characters. This number opens up the door to hidden insights into a car.  Anyone can decode this number to get these details. It offers you complete peace of mind when dealing with Volkswagen vehicles. But the question is how to do this. You can find the answer right in this article.

The article aims to provide you with the VIN decoding process, usage, and benefits. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to know more.

Part 1:  What can lookup Volkswagen VIN be used for? 

The VIN of Volkswagen has a wide variety of applications. You cannot deny its importance. Some of the main applications include:

  1. You can decide the details of the specifications of the vehicle. The key specifications you the VIN report include engine size, horsepower, engine type, transmission type, colors, etc. An option exists to get familiar with the fuel capacity and consumption rate.
  2. Mileage details or odometer reading is another aspect that you can retrieve using VIN. These details help you assess the driven distance.
  3. You can derive a record of ownership using the Volkswagen VIN. It offers details on the vehicle’s first owner or second owner etc. This reflects how many times a car has gone through purchase or sale. 
  4. The other vital details that you can find in the report include the accident or theft. You don’t want to indulge in the wrong vehicle or purchase. Volkswagen VIN decoder at VinPit protects you and ensures you finalize the valuable deal. 
  5. When conducting a sale or a purchase. Knowing the current value of the particular Volkswagen in the market is essential. This will help you stay away from spam or scams in such a scenario. 

Part 2: How to Use VW VIN Decoder to Lookup a Volkswagen VIN? 

After reading the above information, you are curious about using the VW VIN decoder to check Volkswagen VIN. No worries, you will get insights right in this section. VinPit is your answer in this regard. Now read more to find out how to use the VinPit VIN decoder.

  • The initial step requires you to access the official website of VinPit. Later locate the box featuring a search icon and have a text on the top with an embed link. This link features VIN lookup text. Remember, don’t confuse, as it shows two links: license plate lookup and VIN lookup.  
  • After retrieving the search box, you need to enter the VIN within the box. When you have finished this step, click on the search icon. Doing this will begin the report or data fetching process.
  • In the end, you just need it for a while. After this, you can get the report in the download section of your PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc. 
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Before starting to know more about VIN decoder, ensure you have fulfilled all the requirements to access and use the VinPit. The essential needs include internet access, a device like a tab, PC, and an authentic website address. This will help you accomplish your VIN decoding task effectively.


Part 3: Why is VinPit a top-rated Volkswagen VIN Decoder? 

Several features make VinPit a remarkable VIN decoding tool in the market. The main features of the device are as follows:

  • The user interface of the VinPit is straightforward to understand. VinPit offers this feature to encourage usability. Everything you see after visiting the site has a good structure and arrangement; if you have no special skills, you don’t need to worry, as you can use it on the go.
  • You can get your VIN report by following a simple three-step procedure. Go to the site, enter the number and get the report. The interface does not require a lot of time. With just a few minutes and you are ready to go. This will help you save the precious time that you otherwise spend visiting each department for record retrieval.
  • The details you will get are the latest and up to the mark. VinPit acquires data from the investigative or motor departments. You must believe the data you are going to get. The authenticity of the data and VIN report is remarkable.
  • VIN report that VinPit offers is clutter free and easy to understand. Every piece of information has an arrangement that is super easy to digest. 

Part 4: Pros and cons and major alternatives of Volkswagen VIN Decoder

When it comes to the VIN decoding tool, you may need help deciding which one to use. The right tool does matter because it determines whether the result you will get will be helpful. Several alternatives exist when you are going to look up VIN. The key options include:

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EpicVIN VIN Decoder

When your main goal is to get real-time info regarding any vehicle, EpicVIN is your go-to choice. The EpicVIN contains data on more than 40 million vehicles. This way, you can take an idea about EpicVIN. Apart from this, the details you will get through the VinPit include model, accident information, vehicle title, etc. The data acquisition source of the EpicVIN is NMVTIS. The number one US database when it comes to vehicle records. You can perform a VIN check either on a new or used vehicle. 


Bumper VIN Decoder

Bumper refers to an online VIN decoder tool. You can access the details on the key specs of the vehicle. The information this tool retrieves from the 22 state departments. It does not limit its data acquisition activity to just these departments. Other data sources include scrap yards, auctions, insurance companies, and towing agencies. The VIN report that bumper offers consists of details like market value, safety recalls, accidents, sales, etc. The accuracy of the data is undeniable, and you will get up-to-date data every time.


ClearVIN VIN Decoder

ClearVIN, a VIN decoding tool, features a broad collaboration with various vehicle agencies to ensure quality VIN reports. The primary data sources are state agencies, local departments, and financial institutions. The information you get includes loans, ownership, possessions or repossessions, repair, maintenance, etc. You can perform a speedy VIN check and retrieve the latest data.

Cebia VIN Decoder

Cebia is another popular VIN decoding tool. It is famous for vehicles, especially when it comes to pre-owned vehicles. You can scan the vehicles and assess their legal status. The data sources are reputable and trustable but not so in comparison to EpicVIN or ClearVIN. Cebia carries one billion-plus documents when it comes to vehicle history.  


Now you have insights into the main tools that can assist you in decoding your VIN. You can choose the best option per your scenario.


You cannot ignore the size of the Volkswagen market. With such a vast market, there is also no shortage of scammers or spammers. They try to act smart when dealing with vehicles. The main cons are they hide reality and keep you in shadow.

You can safely use the VinPit VIN decoding tool and raise the curtain to reveal the hidden facts. Use this tool today to reap the unimaginable perks. You will love it. For any queries, just comment below or leave your feedback there. We would love to know what you think about this masterpiece.