The long-standing Mitropa Cup

Prior to football competitions like the UEFA Champions League or the European Cup there were other important football tournaments in Europe. The website can be visited at any moment in order to wager on all those championships.

One of the first major football championships to be established in the European continent was the Mitropa Cup. It had a long history, being held between the years 1927 and 1992. Yet, it should be noted that most of the teams that contested it were squads that came from countries from the Central European area. To wager on other football squads and matches from this part of the world, you can always explore the options offered by the 1xBet online bookmaker.

Designing the competition

The 1920s were a chaotic decade in Europe. However, it was also a great period for the development of football. This was because, at the time, many countries in the area of Central Europe started to create football leagues of their own. After they had established their championships, it was a good idea to start thinking about a continental competition. Fans can also watch kabaddi match live score on 1xBet, which is also full of possibilities to follow exciting football matches taking place here.

Some of the countries that were invited to be part of the project that eventually became the Mitropa Cup were:

  • Italy;
  • Yugoslavia;
  • Hungary;
  • Romania;
  • and Czechoslovakia.

After the final details were settled, the first edition of the competition finally began on the 14th of August 1927. The first squad to win the competition was AC Sparta Prague from Czechoslovakia. It is possible to watch kabaddi and football live scores at 1xBet, which has plenty of matches taking place in Europe and other places around the world.

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Hungarian domination

If we look at the teams that took part in that competition based on their current results, it would be logical to expect complete domination from the Italians. However, this was not the case. The country that actually dominated the Mitropa Cup was Hungary. Football from that part of the world can be wagered on the website 1xBet – IPL live score table and standings from other sports are also featured at the site.

Out of the 49 editions of the Mitropa Cup that took place, 16 of them were won by Hungarian teams. The squad that won this competition the most was Hungarian team Savas with six titles.

The Italians were second in terms of Mitropa Cup titles, as they won the tournament on 11 different occasions. Their most successful squad was Bologna, who won it three times. The live scores table of the IPL and many other competitions is available on 1xBet, which can be used for wagering with good winning chances.

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