Edward Stern

Edward Stern: The wealthy life and mysterious death

Edward Stern, also known by the name “Edouard Stern,” was a popular investor and French fashion financier. He was new to dating Julia Lemigova, who is a prominent personality in the demo world. She was a delegated champion for delicious products and was also in the news for opening a line of beauty products. Edward began dating her directly, and the two were madly in love. It is believed that they first met in 1997.

About Edward Stern:

Edward Stern is among the prominent investors. He was a posh, wealthy investor who was also a great money manager from France. Edward gained more popularity in the media due to his rumored relationship with Julia Lemieux. The couple dated for a brief period, and later Julia’s announcement of her first pregnancy became more notorious.

Upon examination, it was found that Edward Stern was not the only man she was dating. Rather, there were three men with whom Julia Lemigova shared a close bond. After it was known that he wasn’t the father of the child, he broke off all relations with her. This shook the world, as the two were quite serious about each other and had made up their minds to even marry soon.

Later, there was not much news of Edward, but after five years, the media released the news of his death, which came as a shock as his death was quite brutal. Edward’s body was wrapped in a plastic sheet, and he was tied to a seat in his room. He died when he was in bombarded subjugation sexual endeavor with a woman. It is believed that he died not out of some sort of rage but due to sadistic mesofemism and its sexual practices.

Early life

Édouard Stern, born in 1954 to one of France’s wealthiest families, was a prominent personality. His family owned a private investment house called Banque Stern. Antoine Jean Stern, Édouard Stern’s father, was a descendant of a banker’s noble family dating back to 19th century Frankfurt. Christiane Laroche was his mother and the former French journalist wife of Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber.

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Stern grew up in a family of investors in the financial sector. Eventually, he continued his education at the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. He received his business degree from a reputable business school in Paris, majoring in finance. Later in 1977, he joined the private investment house of his family.

His death was a result of his illegal lifestyle, which served as a lesson to many. This financial specialist was seen walking on the streets of different European cities many times. He had a long career in which he made several excellent business deals. His banking approach was well-liked and marked a fundamental shift in snug capitalism in France.

The career of Edward Stern

Edouard Stern

Stern had always been an ambitious person who, at a young age, decided to join the family business. He took the Banque Stern reins intending to revitalize the institution, which was nearly bankrupt.  In the 1980s, Stern succeeded in modernizing the bank. He extended his involvement in financial industries. He even did mergers and acquisitions that ranked him among the top financial executives. Later in 1985, he sold the bank to Lebanese investors for 300 million francs. The primary clause in the agreement allowed Stern to retain ownership of his last name in the bank.

After the successful sale, Stern opened another bank with the same business profile of the same name. It caught the attention of his previous clientele. He sold this bank to Swiss Bank Corporation in 1988 for an estimated 1.75 billion Swiss francs. Later, Swiss Bank Corporation merged with UBS and formed UBS S.A. The merger gave Stern a good ranking among wealthy families in France. According to Forbes, he ranked 38th amongst the richest family in France.

Edward Stern did not stop there and joined Lazard Frères as a managing partner. After this partnership, he became the heir apparent and a star banker. Edward left Lazard Frères after he disagreed with Michel David-Weill, to set up his firm, Investment Real Returns. He even purchased shares in an international engineering group, Delta PLC. However, post his death, Valmont, a US company, purchased his Delta shares.

Paris, France
Died28 February 2005 (aged 50)
Geneva, Switzerland
Alma materESSEC Business School
Notable workBank Stern
SpouseBéatrice David-Weill (divorced)
RelativesMichel David-Weill (father-in-law)
FamilyStern family
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Edward Stern Personal life

Edward Stern married Béatrice David-Weill in 1983. She was Michel David-Weill’s daughter. Sadly, their marriage did not last, and they decided to part ways in 1998. He has three kids whose names are Mathilde, Louis, and Henri. Later, his relationship with Miss USSR in 1990, Julia Lemigova, gained media attention. They even had a kid by the name of Maximillion. Later in 2000, he was involved with Cecile Brossard.

Edward Stern Death

Édouard Stern was the ex

Stern may have had a successful career, but his death was more shocking. Stern was found dead in his Geneva apartment. He was in a head-to-toe latex bodysuit of flesh color. He had a dildo inserted. Taki Theodoracopulos, a popular society columnist, reported that Stern was bisexual and had many girlfriends. His longtime lover, Cécile Brossard, was arrested for his death because of their sadomasochistic bondage session. Brossard received an eight-year and six months sentence. The court also ordered him to pay Stern’s kid one Swiss franc as moral damage.

Cécile Brossard received a five-year sentence and got paroled out in 2010. Later, he also spoke about the murder since the trial, where she confessed to regretting her action. She thought Stern had a bright, caring personality that she remembers.

Edward Stern’s real-life inspiration for Reel stories

After the tragic death of Edward Stern, the French film Une Histoire d’Amour was made public. The story was directly linked with his death sequel, even if the conclusion included a narrative with a distinct structure from his own life. His story inspired Olivier Assayas’ 2008 film, The Boarding Gate. You can also see the FX animated series Archer, where an episode from the third season makes fun of his passing.

The net worth of Edward Stern

According to research on Edward Stern’s net worth, he had nearly $1 billion in total assets from his side businesses and finance profession. He also shared profits from other old firm investments.

Ending note

Edward Stern was known for his eccentric lifestyle. His former relationship with French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave him media attention. However, he had made significant progress in the finance sector previously. Edward was a food lover who could finish sixty pieces of sushi in a single sitting.

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