How To Choose Clothes for Dancing?

Dance training is a complete physical activity. Classes include aerobic exercise, exercises for the development of flexibility and stretching, performing dance steps. Consider what clothes are suitable for dancing, and what parameters to look for when buying a “dance wardrobe”.

Why is it important to choose the right clothes for dancing?

Incorrectly chosen dance clothes will create discomfort during movements. As a result, the dancer simply will not be able to concentrate on the performance of the exercises. And in the worst case, after a workout, you will get chafed skin or irritation.

Criteria for choosing clothes for dance training

When choosing models for dancing, pay attention to the following points:


Clothing should provide a high level of comfort: do not restrict movement, absorb moisture, and be breathable. Keep in mind that the slightest discomfort several times reduces the effectiveness of the workout.


As a rule, after each training, the dance costume has to be washed. It is important that the clothes retain a presentable appearance, do not deform when washed, do not shed.

Size matching

If the clothes are small for the dancer, they will hinder movement. Too loose clothing is also uncomfortable. Firstly, it will be difficult for the coach to track the correctness of movements, and secondly, the “excess” of tissue can also interfere with movements.

It is best to purchase models specially designed for dance training. Also suitable for fitness wear.

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As for fabrics, manufacturers offer a wide range of options. Simple cotton T-shirts are suitable for beginners, such products sit baggy, do not emphasize the silhouette. It is better to choose a mixture of cotton and lycra. In this case, the product will have good breathability and hygroscopicity and fit nicely to the body.

It is important that you like yourself in adult dancewear. This will help to tune in a positive way, therefore, increase the effectiveness of the workout. You can choose models of your favorite color, choose tight leggings or elastic knitted trousers, choose a stylish swimsuit with a short skirt, etc. Like any well-chosen wardrobe, dancewear should emphasize all the advantages and delicately mask the flaws.

Features of clothing for different dance styles

In addition to the appearance and functional qualities, it is important to take into account the traditions of the chosen dance direction. Of course, you can come to training just in shorts and a T-shirt, but the right costume will help you quickly feel the “atmosphere” of the dance.

Consider the main dance styles and traditions of training costumes

Classical choreography

Classes in classical choreography involve a large number of stretching exercises and honing ballet steps. As a rule, girls and women train in special swimsuits or fitness clothes, and elastic shorts and T-shirts are suitable for men and boys.

The following points are important:

  • Elasticity of clothing (you have to stretch a lot);
  • Ease of care;
  • Clothing should fit the body 

Modern dances

The main idea of ​​modern dances is freedom. Dancers implement this principle not only in bold improvisation, but also in the choice of clothing style.

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Here you can show your individuality even in training. You can wear leggings, or you can wear flared trousers. Layering is appropriate, for example, a T-shirt with a wide neckline is put on over the top or a knotted shirt is put on top of the T-shirt.

However, when choosing clothes, do not forget about the basic requirements of dance training: comfort, freedom of movement, breathability and hygroscopicity.


Another dance direction that has formed a certain style of clothing. Wide trousers or jeans, T-shirts, hoodies are suitable for dance training. If you wish, you can complement the image with a stylish “hip-hop” cap, but take the choice of headgear seriously. Dropping the cap while dancing is undesirable and will sometimes be considered a mistake in competition.

Another rule of hip-hop is bold color combinations and a personal approach to wearing clothes, for example, you can wear a T-shirt inside out.


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