The Most Loved Sports in Zimbabwe

Like in most of the southern African countries, soccer is very popular in Zimbabwe. It’s played across the country and fans fill up stadiums during big matches. However, it’s not the only sport loved and played in the country.

Cricket and field hockey are also followed and swimming has put the country on the map in a couple of Olympics. Though some are more popular than others, these sports have a fan base in Zimbabwe.

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Young people are groomed for bigger teams through youth programs such as the Youth Olympics Squad and the Youth Soccer League. Zimbabwe also has two soccer leagues that accommodate the bigger and professional football teams. 

Stadiums are filled with fans when there are matches within the CBZ’s Premier League and the Zimbabwe Football Association. Fans also enjoy betting on these sports events on the Betway app so they can bet on their favourite soccer teams and players.


One of the greatest cricket players in Zimbabwe is Andy Flower. Such an exceptional player can be one of the reasons behind the thousands of cricket fans in Zimbabwe. The high number of cricket fans watching in stadiums, on TV and those partaking in it on sports betting sites are the reasons it’s the second most loved sport in Zimbabwe.

The cricket national team has represented the country a couple of times in the World Cup since 1983. Its fan base is always there for the victories, ties and defeats. Of course, they cheer players with the hope that they’ll come back victorious, always.

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Swimming is not necessarily the third most loved sport in Zimbabwe, but its olympians have a fan base that cheers them on when representing the country. The government puts an effort into ensuring that the youth partake in a wide range of sports through development programs like the Community Sport Development Programme. 

Hence there are amazing swimmers like Kirsty Coventry to represent the country in the Olympics. She won the Victoria Falls country seven medals and fans have never been prouder.

Our conclusion

Zimbabweans are fans and participants of various sports. On top of soccer, cricket and swimming, you’ll also find people who love field hockey, golf and rugby. However, soccer is the most popular sport, followed by cricket. 

Sometimes it can be unclear whether a sport is loved or not until a huge event with major Zimbabwean teams takes place. Fans will attend matches, watch their teams on TV and login to sports betting sites to place bets.

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