How to bet on your mobile device in South Africa

If you want to bet on mobile devices, you need to know the exact steps to go through because this will allow you to have a problem-free experience. A lot of people assume that those steps will take a lot of time, but in reality, they usually take just a couple of minutes.

When talking about such things, we should mention that the Betway app in South Africa is one of the things that users can try out in a matter of minutes. Those with some expertise in iGaming know that Betway is one of the premier operators, so they are not surprised when the site allows them to try out one of the best apps.

Even though this app is a lot easier to use, others aren’t like that and often require people to go through a few specific steps, especially in South Africa. The process can take a lot of time, so this article will go over everything users need to be aware of.

First, analyze the app to see if its worth it

Before diving into the detailed guide that will show you how to get the app, the important thing to check is whether this app is worth using. Many gamblers think that every application is like that, but only a few will live up to their expectations.

When analyzing a given application, there are 2 main things to keep an eye on. The first one is the difference between the mobile app and the company’s desktop website and the options available on the mobile site and the application.

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People who notice that the mobile app has the same or more things than the mobile site and desktop platform should definitely consider getting it because it will provide them with a unique experience. However, those with fewer options may consider using a different brand or simply trying the mobile site.

Check if the app is available in the app stores in South Africa

Like most other countries in Africa and other parts of the world, South Africa has its specific gambling laws that people need to be familiar with. The same applies to the different betting companies that want to operate in the country and provide their services, especially on mobile devices.

Even though there are many reputable companies., not all of them manage to meet the specific requirements that will allow them to upload their apps to the official app stores. Consequently, South African gamblers must find other ways of obtaining the apps.

Of course, many of the big companies found a way to do that, and it’s by having an apk file for Android and a special one for iOS. Speaking of iOS, gamblers who prefer this OS rarely have problems because Apple’s rules in SA aren’t that strict. Thankfully, there is a solution for Android because Google is not keen on providing people with apps for betting, even though the National Gambling Board regulates the iGaming operators in the country. 

Downloading them and the first steps after that

This guide won’t focus on the exact process of downloading and installing the given gambling app on your device because this can take a lot of time. To summarize, most apps are in an apk file format, which means people have to get them, change certain device settings, and install them on their phones or tablets. The entire process can take several minutes or up to an hour, depending on the app size and the operator.

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After the app is fully installed, one of the first things to check is the notifications. A lot of people will disable them because they do not like when their phone starts spamming them with information. However, this can help them a lot because the notifications allow people to keep better track of everything and receive information for different promotions and other things.

Once that’s sorted out, users have to login into their accounts or sign up if they haven’t done that already. This is a simple but important process for clients to provide valid information. Failing to do so means that users won’t be able to verify their accounts, meaning they can’t make withdrawals.

Testing some things

Before you decide what to bet on, you have to test some important things that will allow you to have a better experience. Starting with the most important one (the internet connection), your job is to ensure you won’t have any problems in this regard. Having a bad internet connection will have a terrible impact on your overall experience, so it’s not something we recommend.

After that, the next thing to test is the different features. Some South African gambling sites will provide a lot of options, so go through each one to see if it’s mobile-friendly.