Makosi hits hard times

The People newspaper last Sunday reported that Makosi, a former cardiac nurse who gained widespread notoriety because of her lewd antics on the Channel 4 Reality show has been working as a call girl, sometimes charging ‘1500 per night in a desperate attempt to pay off mounting debts. The paper said Makosi, 25, was paid ‘3000 for kinky three-in-bed romps with a well known TV presenter after hitting rock bottom following the reality show. An interview she gave the paper portrays her as a down and out, hopeless alcoholic who now sees no point in being alive. Speaking at a shabbily furnished one bed council flat, she said amid sobs: “My life is disgusting. I feel so filthy. I can’t imagine a person in a worst state than me right now. I just keep trying to work out where it all went wrong and how I got into this state. No-one realises how low I have gone to have to take money for sex. I am so broke I have to sleep with men for money. Makosi, who came third in last summer’s Channel 4 reality show and raised eyebrows when she had a lesbian romp with housemate Orlaith Mcallister told how she: l was crippled with 55 000 pounds debt after the show. l reluctantly agreed to two sleazy romps at ‘1500 a time. l is ignored by her deeply religious family because of her lewd antics and is so depressed and lonely she feels like committing suicide l blames BB for wrecking her life and making it impossible to get her old nursing job back l needs cheap plonk to get through the day after previously downing two bottles of champagne a night on the showbiz circuit. The Zimbabwean born beauty said: “BB totally ruined my life. When you first come out everyone wants to know you and be your friend. Agents are queuing up to sign you up and promising you the world. But all they care about is making money for themselves. One minute they want to know you, the next they don’t.” Makosi who quit her job as a cardiac nurse to go on BB was deep in debt when she got chatting to the British TV presenter at a party two months ago. She had spent ’26 000 on flying her sick mum, Sennie, from Zimbabwe for an operation for a brain tumor at a top hospital in Oxford and she had to spent a further ’32 000 on legal bills in her fight to stay in Britain after her work visa was withdrawn. Makosi, who lives on a rough council estate in High Wycombe, said: “The TV presenter told me he wanted to have sex with me but I just didn’t fancy him. He asked me if I would have a threesome with another girl because that was his fantasy but I told him it was not my thing. Then he turned round and said ‘it’s not like you would be doing it for nothing’. I asked him how much he would pay me and he asked how much I wanted. I told him ‘1500 and he agreed.” The presenter gave her directions to his plush London flat and told her to dress sexily. She said: “I wore jeans and heels with a skimpy orange top. I was really nervous, all that kept coming into my mind was how have I got here, how has it come to this? He is a young good looking guy who is a few years older than me so it wasn’t as if he was old or ugly but I simply didn’t fancy him.” When she arrived, she was introduced to the other girl ‘ a redhead with breast implants. The three went to a nearby bar where Makosi downed several Sex on the Beach cocktails in a bid to block out what was about to happen. She said: “By the time I got back to the flat I could barely think straight. I didn’t want any small talk so we headed straight to the bedroom. He loved my big boobs and loved watching me and the other girl fondling each other. After me and the girl had done a bit of a show for him, he got involved and we had sex on his king-size bed. “It was really rough and actually quite violent and it went on for two hours. Towards the end, I started to sober up and the reality of what I was doing hit home. I thought it was never going to end. It seemed to go on forever, but I guess he wanted his money’s worth. “He wanted to do some unnatural things, but I wasn’t prepared to go that far.” Makosi dressed and left as quickly as she could but not before the star had paid her in a bundle of crisp ’50 notes. After the first time Makosi vowed she wouldn’t do it again, but when the bills started mounting up again, she agreed to do it one more time. She then went back a third time but felt so violated she couldn’t go through with it. Makosi said: “I try not to think about what happened too much because it is like I am reliving it. My rent was due and I had loads of bills to pay and I literally didn’t have a penny to my name. I was desperate.” Se added: “Each time I got ‘1500 and that ‘3000 made a huge difference to me. But no amount of money could make up for the shame I feel. Afterwards I felt so dirty I went home and cried. I am not proud of it and I won’t do it again. I felt like an animal, like a female dog. No one should have to ever feel that way.” Despairing Makosi’s shame has left her so depressed she has even contemplated suicide. She said: “I feel so low, I can’t stop crying. I am at home 24/7 on my own with no-one to talk to. I could hang myself and no-one would care. I had a boyfriend before BB but even he doesn’t want to know me anymore. He thinks I am not good enough and he is right. My sister used to live with me but she moved out and I am all on my own.” Desperate Makosi has hit the bottle to try and blot out the pain. She said: “When I came out of the Big Brother house, I was invited to loads of showbiz parties and there would be an endless supply of free champagne. Two bottles of champagne is quite normal but it wasn’t until everything started to go wrong that I realised drinking numbs the paid. Makosi is also depressed because she can’t get back to nursing. She said: I can’t get a reference because I went on BB.” Over the past few months she has been turned down for a string of nursing posts. She added: “This time last year I had a job, friends and a great life. Now I have nothing. I really feel sorry for this year’s Big Brother contestants. I wouldn’t wish what I have gone through on my worst enemy.” ‘

April 2006
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