Moto Cross development-scouting a hit

The country was represented at the “AMU Africa Championships”, at the “AMU Southern African Championships”, a national team was sent to Germany, and for ten years now, the “Inter-Series” (the biggest MX-series of its kind on the African continent) is hosted here. There is one thing however the Windhoek Moto Cross Club has neglected in the past, namely the recruitment of young budding MX-riders. The old committees have to live with this accusation. However, the situation is about to change. Last Saturday, Harris Cloete from the “Mini-Cross Working Group” proved that it is not so difficult to spark interest in this exciting and fast sport. The WMCC is by all means very pleased; more than 50 children from all schools in Windhoek have participated in this introductory course. The parents who were present could experience the enthusiasm with which the children listened to Cloete’s explanations. Then the young ones got a T-Shirt as a present and helmets, boots and chest protectors were provided. Shortly thereafter the children rolled around the children’s track. Now the FIM-sponsored bike finally came into “big” use. Of course some crashes also occured, which is part of the sport. You get back on your feet, up on the bike and you’re riding again! In between the “established” children showed their skill and impressively displayed what 6-7 year old boys are capable of doing on a MX-track. In the background the four-stroke machines in the Open-Class droned and demonstrated with 20- meter high jumps what man and material are able to endure in this sport. In the end, every one of the little “racers” received a participation-certificate. Harris Cloete was very pleased with this first event and he will consider offering more courses. First one will have to wait and see how many kids will opt for this sport. At 12:00 o’clock the entertainment started, for which Celine Adams was responsible. Celine came up with a lot of things to entertain the children, but also to get the parents involved. After some of the “team games” and due to the good rain during the past days, several parents were not able to recognise their children anymore. They were all muddy from head to toe. This “Fun Day 2006” was an absolute highlight of the ongoing season. The day was made possible by the financial support of Rent-A-Drum, PEP-Stores Namibia and M&Z Commercial Vehicles and by the commitment of Harris Cloete.

April 2006
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