Desperate housevwives returns to DStv

The women of Wisteria Lane are back and they bring with them even more secrets than before. A primetime soap with a contemporary take on “living happily every after,” this hit series takes a dark comedy look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren’t always what they seem. The series started with Mary Alice Young leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs, and ending it all. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbours, commenting from her elevated point of view. Her circle of girlfriends on Wisteria Lane includes Susan Mayer, the divorcee and single mom who will go to extraordinary lengths for love. Lynette Scavo, who recently went from being a stay-at-home mother of four back to her fast track career in advertising; Bree Van De Kamp, Martha Stewart on steroids, whose recent widowhood has completely wrecked havoc on her perfect life and Gabrielle Solis, the ex-model with everything she’s every wanted ‘ a rich husband, a big house, and, now, a baby to go with it all; the problem is that she’s not sure who the father is. Now enter newcomer Betty Applewhite and her handsome teenage son, Matthew, who mysteriously moved in the middle of the night into a house they’d never seen. Then there are the men: Mike Delfino, a supposedly widowed plumber who has won Susan’s heart; Lynette’s adorable husband, Tom, who volunteered to be “Mr Mom,” so his wife could go back to work; Gabrielle’s better half, Carlos, who is currently in jail and recently learned of his wife’s infidelities with John, the gardener; and Mary Alice’s widowed husband, Paul, who is on the run from the demons in his past. From her unique vantage point, Mary Alice sees more now than she ever did alive, and she’s planning to share all the delicious secrets that hide behind every neighbour’s closed door in this seemingly perfect suburb. Desperate Housewives has won a string of Emmys and other awards and is one of the world’s highest-rated television programmes. It features of M-Net at 8.30pm each Thursday starting this week.

May 2006
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