Angola, Mozambique strengthen relations

The agreements cover cooperation on mutual judiciary assistance in penal matters, which is aimed at coordinating actions in the fight of transnational crime and another on juridical and judicial training. Justice ministers from the two countries ‘ Manuel Aragao (Angola) and Esperanca Machavela (Mozambique), who was visiting Angola ‘ signed the first accord on behalf of their countries. The protocol on juridical and judiciary training was signed by the director of the National Institute of Judiciary Studies for magistrates (INEJ), Paula Furtado, and the director of Mozambique’s Juridical and Judiciary Training Centre, Benvinda Levi. Aragao said the agreements were fruitful, as they would assist the two countries in penal matters, in the gathering of testimonial evidence and other means required in this branch of law. The other protocol, he added, concerned the exchange of documentation and information, especially in research experience, which justified that Angola has a lot to learn from Mozambique’s experience in the setting up of communitarian courts and customary law. On the other hand, the Mozambican minister said the first accord was important, as it would permit the coordination of efforts in the fight against transnational or organised crime in penal matters. Commenting on the second accord, she said, it would contribute to the rise in the training of judiciary magistrates from both countries, as there would be an exchange of experience in the analysis of compared studies and research. The Mozambican Justice minister wound up her visit to Angola last Sunday, which was intended to reinforce judiciary cooperation between the two ministries. Meanwhile, the United States has confidence in the economy of Angola and foresees it getting stronger and stronger in the near future. The agricultural adviser of the US embassy in Angola, Scott Reynolds, told journalists that the Angolan economy was at a stage of visible growth and that in the next five years it would become one of the strongest in southern Africa. Reynolds made the observation during the second Food and Drink Fair, which took place in Luanda this week. The American diplomat said his country was paying attention to Angola’s development and because of this it intended to hold a meeting with businessmen from both countries, for the exchange of interests. He said to support the economic growth of Angola it was necessary that there existed a reciprocal commercial relation between the two countries, which should open the doors to Angolan businessmen and broaden the market for American investors. “It should not be just the United States exporting to Angola. It is indispensable that Angola export its goods to the US”, he said. Reynolds added that the country had several items that the US needed. The diplomat stressed that a partnership between the two countries would improve the productivity and bring more profit and prosperity to the Angolan economy, as well as boost American investment in Angola. Apart from the US, other countries that participated in the fair were Brazil, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. Meanwhile, the US farming services for foreigners is implementing in Angola a project of assistance to cattle breeders, based on the access to America’s concerned market, through the relaxation of import taxes and provision of technical aid for cross-breeding. The US farming services that attended the second edition of the Food and Beverage Fair in Luanda also provided free assistance for the setting up of partnerships among breeders from both countries and identification of potential buyers of meat. Reynolds said the project was born five years ago and was part of his country’s government effort to assist with the growth of Angola’s economy and increment the potential of US business in Africa.

May 2006
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