Namibia plans for more tourists

This was revealed by Prime Minister Nahas Angula in an exclusive interview with Nampa this week after the just-ended three-day World Economic Forum (WEF), which he attended in Cape Town, South Africa.

Angula said the Namibian delegation to the WEF, which he headed and included among others the Minister of Mines and Energy Errki Nghimtina, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Bernhard Esau as well as high-ranking government officials, had an opportunity to interact with business leaders in the hotel and leisure industries to try to attract investors to put up an international hotel or international establishment somewhere in the country, especially at the coast.

“We are also trying to establish a kind of conference centre so that we attract more people to Namibia,” he noted.

Currently, Namibia only has a few establishments that are of international standard, comprising lodges, bed-and-breakfast units and a few hotels.

“Now we want an international standard establishment and invited the international leisure industry to grab the opportunity to invest in Namibia in order to attract more tourists,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Premier noted that the Namibian delegation was also interested in exchanges on the leather industry as a whole.

“We were able to meet with leaders of leather-producing companies so that we can get technical support to develop our leather industry,” he said.

He said Namibia has more animals than people and there is thus a lot of raw material, but the technology is missing.

“We had an opportunity to talk to those who are involved in the leather industry, to invite some of them to come and look at our conditions and give us possible advice on how to develop our industry,” he continued.

“We have also interacted with pharmaceutical companies to interest them in establishing pharmaceutical shops in Namibia,” he added.

Angula noted that many of the pharmaceutical companies are settled in South Africa, so there is a need for them to also invest in Namibia.

On another front, Angula noted that Namibia is also trying to expand its Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The delegation had an opportunity to meet with Microsoft leaders who plan to pay a visit to Namibia soon after a meeting organised by Microsoft at the end of June.

“We will discuss matters related to furthering our partnership on information technology,” he said.

The Microsoft meeting, to be attended by African political and economic leaders, will take place in Cape Town, South Africa.

The just-ended forum deliberated on strategies to lift the world’s poorest continent out of abject poverty.

Economic growth, corruption and trade liberalization were also among the topics discussed during the summit.

Africa’s unprecedented growth path was also reviewed.

June 2006
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