Festival comes to Windhoek

The Cultural Festival which features prominently on the social Annual Calendar of Events in the City of Windhoek has been running from the 14th to the 17th of September. Windhoek’s city centre has been colourful with parades, marches, pageant and sports competitions, food display and lots of music. The annual festival was initiated to reinforce positive images of the City by promoting arts and cultural activities, according to a statement from the City of Windhoek. Over the years, the festival has provided a platform of promoting the interaction and sharing of experiences between local and international artists.

The highlight of this year’s festivities was the cultural performance by a traditional group from the German town of Cottbus, The Wendische Trachtengruppe Stroebitz.The group, which has already won hearts in Egypt, Spain, Russia, Romania, Brazil and Texas/USA, with its long handed-down traditions, such as costumes, dances and customs, also took Windhoek by storm.

Most activities were being staged at the City Centre Parking Area in the capital, while the National Art Gallery, The Katutura Community Arts Centre and the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) also co-hosted some of the activities. Like the past years, musical shows enveloped the whole weekend at the UN Plaza in Katutura, while the Bank of Windhoek sponsored a play, “The Lion’s Roar” ‘ a tribute to local veteran musician Jackson Kaujeua.

September 2006
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