Zambia celebrates the 42nd!

In Lusaka the Independence celebrations at State House were led by re-elected president Levy Mwanawasa, and in attendance were, amongst others, the Republic’s first President, Kenneth Kaunda, ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, senior Government officials from Malawi and Zambia and leaders of industry and commerce.

A number of people with outstanding achievements in various fields were honoured with medals, while some deceased heroes were honoured posthumously by President Levy Mwanawasa.

In several countries where Zambia has diplomatic representation scores of Zambians and well-wishers gathered to commemorate Independence Day.

Celebrating Zambia’s Independence anniversary at the Zambia High Commission in Windhoek, Namibia’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Lempy Lucas said her country was happy with the achievements Zambia has scored and the mechanisms put in place to foster regional cooperation.

“Namibia and Zambia share a long history characterised by a strong bond of friendship and solidarity, which forms solid foundation upon which our excellent bilateral relations are built. The government of Namibia is indeed satisfied with a number of mechanisms that we have put in place to further strengthen and consolidate our bilateral cooperation,” she said.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Namibia, Griffin Nyirongo, said Zambia had made progressive economic strides because of appropriate measures the policy makers had put into place.

“It is precisely for this reason that the government of Zambia will continue to build upon what has been been achieved through sound economic policies. They have resulted in inflation coming down to a single digit figure for the first time in thirty years. Great strides have been made in agriculture; a bumper harvest has been produced, necessitating the country to export the surplus stock,” said Nyirongo who urged the Namibian government to import maize from Zambia.

He said Zambia and Namibia were on the right track in terms of regional integration through trade and other bilateral agreement like joint commissions, such as the Namibia/Zambia Joint Permanent Commission of on Cooperation and the Joint Commission on Defence and Security Cooperation. He expressed a wish that these should meet more often.

Both Lucas and Nyirongo acknowledged the fact that Namibia and Zambia were faced with a number of problems including diseases such as TB and AIDS.

Malawi praised Zambia for the tremendous achievements the country has scored during the 42 years of independence. Speaking in Lusaka to mark Zambia 42nd Anniversary on Tuesday, 24 October, Malawian President Mbingu WA Mutharika urged Zambians to remain united and continue jealously guarding the achievements it has made over the years.

He praised Zambia for having peaceful and successful elections that saw President Mwanawasa come back for his second and last term of office.

Mutharika also implored Zambians, especially politicians, to put behind them September 28 elections and forge ahead as one united nation.

“Zambia has just come out of elections and my advice to politicians is that they should disengage from campaigns now and focus on developing the nation together. If you focus your attention on the next elections, when do you develop Zambia?” he said.

President Mutharika called for peace in Zambia as well as in the neighbouring countries for continued development. He said time had come for Africa to shame the outside world that the continent could unite for the sake of fostering development.

October 2006
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