Guebuza in landslide victory

Maputo– Mozambican President Armando Emillio
Guebuza and his ruling Frelimo party are poised for a landslide victory in the October 28 elections.
Final provisional results announced by the technical cretariat for election administration (STAE)  elections  on Sunday indicated that ruling Frelimo candidate Armando Emilio Guebuza was leading with 76,9 per cent win in the presidential race.
His adversaries Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the Mo-mbique National Resistance party, Renamo, took 14.1 rcent of the vote and Daviz Simango, the mayor of the second- biggest city, Beira and leader of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) had 9.0 percent.
Jose Lucas, spokesperson said in an interview that audited results of the elections would be available by vember 12.
However, the country’s main opposition,  Renamo accused election technical sec-etariat (STAE) of helping the ruling Frelimo of steal the  October 28 vote by stuffing ballot boxes.
 Renamo’s electoral office spokesperson Ivone Soares told a Maputo press conference this week that her party would not accept the Oct 28 election results.
 “October 28 elections were not just and we verified cases of fraud. Renamo and its candidate will not accept the results of the elections,” she said
 She said irregularities were reported in parts of Cano Delgado, Sofala, Nampula, Manica, Zambezia, Maputo city and Maputo Province.
 “Based on these irregularities we conclude that supporters and members of Frelimo stuffed ballot boxes in various ballot boxes with votes in favour of their party and their candidate,” she said.
 Soares described the irregularities as a serious ‘situation of electoral fraud’ adding that at least 5 million potential voters had not been able to register to vote or vote because of irregularities organised by STAE.
 Last week Afonso Dhlakama the leader of Renamo and veteran of the 6 year old vil war threatened to ‘set alight’ Mozambique if the elections results were not fa-ourable to his party.
 He told a press conference in northern Nampula province that Mozambique’s democratic process had been ‘stretched too far’ adding there was need to desist from hat he referred to as political tricks.
 Dhlakama led the 16 year old civil war which resulted in the killing, displacement overal thousands of people and the wanton mining of the country with anti-personnelandmines which continues to be the legacy of that war.
 Meanwhile, the Portuguese head of state Anibal Cavaco Silva reportedly  sencongratulatory message to Armando Emilio Guebuza for his ‘re-election’ in the ednesday elections.
 Portugal was Mozambique’s  colonial ruler until 1975 when the southern African country was granted independence under the leadership of the then socialist aligned esident Samora  Moises Machel who was killed in an aircraft accident in 1986 in neighbouring South Africa.
 The Election Bulletin edited by Joseph Hanlon and produced by  AWEPA and the Mombican Public Integrity Centre said yesterday Guebuza’s party Frente Pela Libertacao Mozambique also known as Frelimo  could win 192 of the 250 parliamentary seats
 The Bulletin’s projections points out that Renamo could have 48 parliamentary seats while the Mozambican Democratic Movement or MDM formed six months ago will have 8 seats. It  was not immediately possible to get comment from Frelimo or AE on the comments made by Renamo.

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