The History of Namibia

The history of Namibia has passed through several distinct stages from being colonised in the late nineteenth century to Namibia’s independence on 21 March 1990. From 1884, Namibia was a German colony: German South-West Africa. After the First World War the League of Nations mandated South Africa to administer the territory. Following World War II was dissolved in April 1946 and its successor, the United Nations instituted a Trusteeship system to bring all of the former German colonies in Africa under UN control. South Africa objected arguing that a majority of the territory’s people were content with South African rule. Legal argument ensued over the course of the next twenty years until, in October 1966, the UN General Assembly decided to end the mandate, declaring that South Africa had no other right to administer the territory and that henceforth South-West Africa was to come under the direct responsibility of the UN (Resolution 2145 XXI of 27 October 1966). By February 9, 1990, the Constituent Assembly had drafted and adopted a constitution. Independence Day on March 21, 1990, was attended by numerous international representatives, including the main players, the UN Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar  and President of South Africa F W de Klerkwho jointly conferred formal independence on Namibia. Sam Nujoma was sworn in as the first President of Namibia (who had been released from prison shortly beforehand) and representatives from 147 countries, including 20 heads of state. On March 1, 1994, the coastal enclave of Walvis Bay and 12 offshore islands were transferred to Namibia by South Africa. This followed three years of bilateral negotiations between the two governments and the establishment of a transitional Joint Administrative Authority in November 1992 to administer the 780 km” (300 square mile) territory. The peaceful resolution of this territorial dispute was praised by the international community, as it fulfilled the provisions of the UNSCR 432 which declared Walvis Bay to be an integral part of Namibia. -wikipedia 

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