‘End war in Gaza

Windhoek – The Namibian government and civil society have added their voices to international calls for an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and murder of Palestinians.
The calls include denouncement of American support for Israel’s continued atrocities against Palestine and its people.
Namibia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry this past week condemned the murder of some 100 Palestinians in the bombardment by the Israeli air force.
Israel has over the past week deployed disproportionate force in raids on the Gaza Strip, killing mostly women and children.
“The assault of the Israeli Defence Force on the Gaza Strip calls into question the commitment of the Israeli government to finding a lasting and peaceful solution in the already volatile region of the Middle East,” said the Foreign Ministry.
“Namibia reaffirms its full support to the people of Palestine to find a peaceful negotiated solution to the almost 65 years of oppression and humiliation by Israel, and to achieve their inalienable right to national self-determination and independence.”
A group called Namibian Supporters of the Palestinian People handed over a petition to the US Ambassador in Windhoek in which they said Washington had an obligation to stop Israel’s illegal activities.
“As people who suffered the brutality of apartheid here in Namibia, we witness that the apartheid Israeli regime confines Palestinians in what can only be described as the biggest open-air prison in the world!
“This collective punishment of the Palestinian people is a crime against humanity…
“We note the lies and propaganda in the mainstream media in which Israel is always presented as a victim instead of the colonial aggressor that it is.  We call on all brave progressive media, persons and organisations to continue to expose the deceptions of the crude Israeli propagandists.”
The group said the US gave Israel billions of dollars in mostly military aid every year and was complicit in the murder of Palestinians.
“We warn the US government that we will continue to expose its backing of the Zionist to cover up its own imperialist gains.
“We will continue to expose that the real reasons behind this war is about the US control of the Middle-East’s large oil resources and not because the US cares about the Palestinians.”
The group went on to demand that the government of Namibia stop giving diamond concessions to Israeli firms and to cut off ties until Israel started acting like a responsible member of the international community.
The group said Anglo American sends much diamond, copper, uranium and other minerals from Namibia to Israel for processing and that Lev Leviev Diamonds and its numerous subsidiaries were given 36 concessions said to be worth millions of dollars by the Namibian government.
 “We cannot forget that Israel was a big supporter of the then apartheid state in its fight against Independence for both Namibia and South Africa.  And in terms of its brutality against the Palestinian people, Israel's methods of suppression have surpassed those of South Africa.”

November 2012
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