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Editor – With all due respect, the comments of the Honourable Prime Minister of Namibia, Nahas Angula, in his column in The Namibian newspaper of November 9, 2012 can’t go unchallenged as he raised his concerns on the recent victory of Barack Obama as well as the fact that he (Barack Obama) “apparently didn’t do much for Africa”.
Barack Obama is the first black President of the US and not the President of Africa.
We Africans are “totally wrong” if we expected from Obama that when he came to power he would simply dish out money left and right to Africans.
It is high time that we Africans break out of that vicious cycle of dependency imposed on us by imperialists. Let us rather learn how to catch the fish.
Our continent is blessed with abundance of resources yet we would rather prefer to adopt the SBES – Sit Back and Expect Syndrome, or to engage in silly wars.
Many of the conflicts on the continent could have been amicably resolved by Africans themselves but we Africans as usual expect someone else to come solve our conflicts.
If our African leaders could have done a little bit more to be involved in the Libyan crisis, things could have been different. Instead, we abandoned Comrade (Muammar) Gaddafi and his people to the imperialists.
When Barack Obama came into power four years ago, it was right in the middle of an economic crisis and he thus inherited a completely shattered economy, and it was also incumbent on him to deal concisely with the massive defence bill accumulated by his predecessor George Bush.
As we all know “US policy” is controlled by the wealthy in America, as a matter of fact you can’t be US president without dancing to their tune; either you are in or out.
And the “greatest mistake” Obama did which made him unfavourable in the eyes of the US wealthy was when he openly challenged US policy on Israel by requesting the restoration of Palestine land while opting for a peaceful and negotiated settlement.
The question on the lips of those who call the shots was: “Who is this little black from Kenya who wants to dictate to us as to how to conduct our business?”
As a matter of fact the wealthy are benefiting from the arms deal with Israel.
What then do Africans expect from Obama?

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