The Corrupt and the Corrupted

The West and its corporate mainstream media have always pretended to be holier than the Pope when addressing corruption in Africa.

Germany took the lead with its “Corruption Monitor”, based in Berlin, focusing mainly on Africa.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague in The Netherlands is another case in point of the “former” imperialist-colonial master deciding who is guilty of “gross violations against humanity” and who is not.
The slave trade, colonial-apartheid-UDI as well as genocide, xenophobia, rebel and tribal wars in Africa would more often than not be ignored.
In fact, African Union (AU) decisions are barely noted and lobbied out of existence. Eventually they are just ignored.
History, if dictated by the West and its corporate mainstream media, seems to deliberately suffer from amnesia, showing surprise at the vicious covert and overt interferences of Western interests in the “former” continent of colonies.
If such atrocities do get into the light, Western agencies defend them to the teeth, denying that those are criminal acts against humanity.
The continuous rebel and civil wars in the Great Lakes District of Central and East Africa; in Francophone Africa; the involvement of France’s Foreign Legion in its “former” colonies; the role of Israel’s ruthless intelligence agency, Mossad, and its activities in Africa; the US’ controversial African Command (AFRICOM) stations throughout the continent and NATO’s “humanitarian” bombing of Libya in the “interest of Africa and democracy”, are the most hollow of hoaxes in history.
The conquest of oil deposits, diamonds, gold, platinum, uranium, coal, chrome and many other resources would be more of an honest answer as to why such destructively racist, right-wing structures have been put in place when dealing with Africa.
However, in order to get what foreign interests want in Africa, the end usually justifies the means.
Popular and influential political leadership, particularly former anti-Western leaders of struggle movements are compromised through a host of corrupt actions of bribery. They are taunted to become informers, destabilisers and agents provocateurs, used to eventually break up their own popular ruling parties.
Dirty tricks are the order of the day.
These aforementioned interests will stop at nothing to get what they have set their focus on.
The corporate mainstream media has never investigated those behind the aforementioned atrocities and corruptions: those who pay the piper call the tune.
It seems that the perpetrators of corruption, the corruptors, are also immune to the law of the land.
The real perpetrators of structured poverty with its subsequent starvation, crime and overall despair; plundering of Africa’s resources through collusion to assist with rebel and tribal warfare; xenophobia and genocide; the deliberate breach of international agreements with African states and illegal sanctions to fan the flames of unrest, gunrunning and drug trafficking, should be the ones, who have to answer at Berlin’s Corruption Monitor and The Hague’s ICC.
Follow the money trail. You need to look no further.
These structured actions demonstrate a similar modus operandi in the “former” colonies in Africa, as was the case before, during and after the Berlin Summit in 1884/85 under German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, when imperialist-colonisers gathered to conquer a continent.
Intentionally, the imperialist-European colonisers divided African nations through the demarcation of borderlines. Their settlers domineered the new colonies with heavy-handed racist brutalities.
Remember the royal cousins, Britain’s Queen Victoria and Germany’s Emperor William I? When the good Queen realised that her dear imperial cousin did not have a mountain range in his East African possession – German East Africa and Zanzibar, later Tanganyika until its “Independence” and since then baptised as Tanzania – she generously gave Emperor William I Kilimanjaro, while she kept Mount Kenya.
Zanzibar was traded off to Germany, which in return received the Northern Sea island of Helgoland as well as Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.
It takes two to tango. And this tango has to be danced in a finely-tuned and co-ordinated rhythm, or else…
The corruptor is usually hailed as a “humanitarian”, having Africa’s interests “at heart”, knowing best what Africans need.
Of course, this is uttered after the corruptors have made “investments” in a country, then “creating employment” for local citizens, who ipso facto receive poor salaries.
The corruptor is known to entertain the elite lavishly, making promises of economic progress.
In return, the elite praise their newfound “humanitarian friend” and shower him with exploration licenses, easy terms to get money out as fast as possible, free-trade zones and even citizenship.
The “corrupted” bend over to accommodate the new “investor” as well as the old oligarch and their cronies. In return a usually ruthless “investor” and his local crony abuse their position in a society that welcomes them with open arms.
At times, the ruling elite are embarrassed, as confidential information of agreements between the two parties is leaked to the media. But nothing comes out of this embarrassment. Everything continues as always.
• Udo W Froese is a political and socio-economic analyst and columnist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can find more of his work at, or follow him on Twitter handle: @theotherafrika

June 2013
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