The Gupta Delusion

The Guptas from India are flying against reality in South Africa.
Reliable senior ANC officials have informed this writer that “their crude and abusive behaviour towards the Head of State, the government, the ruling party and therefore, towards South Africans in general has certainly secured them the fastest way out of the country”.
The Guptas' strategy is to create and secure the position as the so-called “gatekeeper” of the President of South Africa through a smokescreen.
The Guptas' target market is the intelligentsia and upper-caste Indian capitalist.
“This approach has now backfired. In their crude strategy and mannerism to centralise themselves, they have put themselves in conflict with the ruling ANC intelligentsia and its leaders,” the respected senior ANC official explained to me.
He adds, “The Gupta family has neither recognition, nor respect in their home country, India, as India’s society is a caste system with that family belonging to the lowest caste.”
This explains their despair to create debt, and then to present it to the South African public that debt is an asset, whence the Guptas are actually from the poorest and lowest caste in India. The bizarre behaviour of those desperate people to falsely present themselves, trying to occupy an economic space in the market that does not exist, has finally ended in tears.
The Gupta delusion seems similar to the Kebble collusion.
Like Kebble, the Guptas believe in incurring huge debts that can be disguised as assets to the general public.
A highly reliable source told this columnist under the condition that his name would not be mentioned at all, “The Guptas have no money and as it stands now, they cannot service their debt. This means that bankruptcy will pursue them.
“Like in the Kebble case, a liquidator will be appointed to retrieve all monies spent. This would mean that anybody, who has taken money, whether in the form of gifts, or other means, would be brought to court by the liquidator and forced to pay back those monies and gifts.
“This is the mirror image of the Kebble saga. The only difference is, the Kebbles at least had gold mines. The Guptas went a step further and mine fresh air.”
President Jacob Zuma is a seasoned politician who listens, observes and consults. He has no history of impromptu kneejerk reactions, is always approachable and is highly respectful.
This, the Guptas see as a potential weakness when in actual fact, it is President Zuma’s strength.
And so finally, they were given enough rope.
The ANC has seen through their bluff and has finally shut and bolted its doors to the Gupta family.
It is understood that the Guptas have indeed no access to Jacob Zuma and the ANC, its leadership and to most, if not all its structures.
But it seems that the snipers, who have the President and his leadership in their crosshairs, have not given up. The Gupta family seems to be on very good terms with brothers Essop and Aziz Pahad, who served under Former President Thabo Mbeki.
The media has had a field day with its “Guptagate”, attempting to isolate and discredit President Jacob Zuma.
It has been widely reported that South Africa’s largest English language Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times, has leaked many major political stories to the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) instead of publishing them.
Again, the media has revealed its crude and tendentious slants of covert and overt support of the DA before next year’s national elections.
The Gupta Saga seems most welcome as a tool to be used widely by South Africa’s corporate mainstream media, opposition politicians, the institutionalised armchair academic analysts, certain church leaders and the owners of the economy to discredit and undermine the historical moral high ground of the ruling African National Congress.
Again, this has backfired.
• Udo W Froese is a political and socio-economic analyst and columnist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can follow him on Twitter: @theotherafrika, and read his blog at

June 2013
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