The 91- day BBA chase: A test of endurance for

Windhoek – She came, she saw, she conquered.  She was never  Head of House and was up for eviction five times and was the only one to have survived eviction all five times.
In an exclusive interview with The Southern Times, Dillish Mathews, winner of Big Brother Africa The Chase shares her experience in the house over the 91 days.

The Southern Times (TST): How was your stay in the Big Brother House?

Dillish: It was a great experience and a blessing to be in the house.  I had my highs and lows and I can never be grateful enough for the support of my country and the rest of Africa.

TST: You were never HoH and were nominated five times; did you ever think you would make it this far regardless?

Dillish: Never, not at all. In fact, I was ready to come home the first time I was nominated. I was ready to come home each nomination.  That shows that you don’t always have to be a winner in the game, although I never won HoH I was never discouraged and Africa saw it in me that’s why they kept chasing me back to the house, I am thus very grateful to Africa for saving me time and time again.

TST: What was your strategy?

Dillish: I had no strategy; it was all about having fun.  I was just natural and myself at all times.  I just made sure to stay out of trouble, groups and gossips.

TST: Who were you closest to in the house?

Dillish: I was closest to Cleo, Melvin, Annabel and Bassey.

TST: Being locked up for 91 days is not easy, what kept you pushing?

Dillish: Prayer, not only my prayer but the prayer of my family.  Also having a bit of an alter ego, which always brought out the princess in Dillish whenever she was sad and feeling down.  That really helped me endure the 91 days in the house.

TST: Who would you have gotten into a relationship with in the house if you were single?

Dillish: (smiles) I don’t know- you know the guys were hot, Big Brother did a good job this season, but I don’t know really.

TST: What are you going to spend the money on?

Dillish: I will build a house for my family and myself, nothing fancy and lavish ‑ just comfortability.   I will also invest further in my business (boutique) and I will save the rest because it’s the only way money can generate itself.

TST: What did you miss most outside the house?

Dillish: I missed my freedom, my family, the Namibian food, my cellphone and the internet.

TST: What are you going to miss about the house?

Dillish: I am going to miss my housemates so much, sharing a room with so many people, hearing Big Brother’s voice, the arena, the free food and just everything about Big Brother basically.

TST: Who from the house will you keep in touch and even pay a visit to?

Dillish: I am definitely going to keep in touch with Cleo and will visit her.  I would like to see her perform in Namibia, luckily Steven is in the entertainment industry so we can invite her.  I would love to visit Bassey too; I would love to go everywhere actually.

TST: Are you going back to school?

Dillish: Yes, I am going back to school, but for now I must live my life and work things out for me.

August 2013
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