BBA: So Near Yet So Far

Windhoek ‑ The Big Brother chase has entered the home stretch. While there is palpable anxiety among the nominated Chasemates (at least those who know their fate), the jubilant mood among the rest is conspicuous.

At least four Chasemates – Beverly, Cleo, Elikem and Melvin ‑ are assured of a berth in the finale.

Though Angelo and Dillish are the last couple standing after they were partnered at the beginning of the show, they find themselves in an unenviable position at this stage of the game.

Theirs could be a case of so near yet so far should Africa decide to dispatch them come Sunday as they are both on the chopping block. Also in trouble is Bimp. But Africa will decide who among the three goes to the finals.

Nigerian duo, Beverly and Melvin should be the happiest as they have come out of the bruising battle unscathed and are staring the prize in the eye.

Meanwhile, last week was another exciting week in the House, with housemates kept busy with extremely thrilling tasks. The most heartfelt and warm task was the one whereby housemates went without food for an entire day, except water and fruits. This was in remembrance of escalating poverty in Africa. The housemates, however, prepared sumptuous meals for charities.

Biggy also gave the Chasemates an acting task, with comedians as main actors and actresses.  One character, Aggie ‑ who was a psychiatric patient ‑ was unfortunately murdered during an intimate dinner hosted by the Ruby housemates. The Chasemates were to find out who was behind the murder and like always, the task was full of laughter and drama.

Biggy just knows how to play with the housemates’ emotions.</p>

The Chasemates once again received warm messages from their loved ones back home and there were bursts of emotions and hysteria. Biggy probably does this to remind housemates why they are in the house and to help them to keep their focus.

South Africa’s Keagan Petersen, who walked away with the grand prize last year, was also invited to the eviction show to share his experience with viewers.

Last week culminated with the exit of Tanzania’s Feza, following in the footsteps of her lover Oneal from Botswana.  Feza took her eviction graciously and even spared a moment to  wish the remaining mates the best of luck. When asked whom she wants out of the game though she responded without hesitation, “Cleo is whom I would love to see out of the game.” 

This week’s eviction is the last, and spells the end of the Chase for two of the nominated mates.





Elikem, who is the first Ghanaian to make it to the finale, amassed the most nominations, with most Chasemates giving the excuse that he would be able to save himself since he is the HoH, and save himself indeed he did and sacrificed Angelo the South African instead. 

Bimp is right behind Elikem with three votes, other than Elikem he was nominated by Dillish saying he is major competition and Melvin who says he is friends with everyone in the house and since he has to nominate, he opted for Bimp.

Dillish who has become a regular on the list, has two votes to her name – Beverly nominated her again and claims not have anything personal against her, how awkward is that now?  Alongside Beverly, Bimp nominated Dillish with the same reason she used against him.

Up for the final nomination are Namibia’s Dillish, South Africia’s Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp.  

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