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Make any day beautiful from beginning to end, especially when getting ready for an event. Looking on trend and gorgeously glam is a pleasure and not a chore. 

But how many of us especially women get everything right? I admit I am often last to get ready, and those are the days I so wish I had permanent makeup. I do plan of an outfit immediately upon receiving an invitation. 

But as the days and hours get closer, I get confused as to what exactly to wear.

 Thoughts like ‘is my hairstyle good, are my nails done, or should I change the nail colour,’

A lot of thoughts run through my mind as I race up and down my bedroom, stripping over the pile of clothes that I had already spent hours trying on. 

Mind you, I change everything from the dress, heels, accessories and even trying the makeup to see if it really goes along with the outfit. By the time I am done, finally ready to walk out of the door; I run back to change my heels as I think the 5th option is not good enough. 

All this really for a function that will last for a few hours.  It beats why as women we put ourselves through such, but then I am comforted to know that most fashionistas go through this, before learning the tricks of beauty quick fix.  

It doesn’t seem to matter how organised I ‘think’ I have been we all from time to time go through this.. 

The problem though, is in that rush to make up for lost time. beauty mistakes do happen. 

For me, it’s always with eyeliner; one side of my eye will look more defined than the other. It’s either it will be too much, a smudge and smear here and there, and I start again. 

 At times, I forget to spray my perfume (that’s why ladies it’s a good idea to always carry extra deo in the handbag). Oh yes, I have been there, proving that all the practise in the world never allows for beauty disasters under pressure.

 And this is the reason upon arrival at any occasion, ladies in their groups all head towards the ladies room for that first touch up.

This week I want to share with you fool proof beauty special occasion plan for you. The trick is to keep it simple, less is more, and so keep the focus on all your best features, be it your eyes, lips, hair, skin hands, or cleavage.  

Leave nothing to chance, have your hair done, manicure or pedicure a day or two beforehand.

The simpler your look, the more elegant and effortless it will appear. Now relax, and enjoy the day or night. 

When time is short go for fast impact, and nothing does the trick quicker than a red lip.  It may seem complicated to do a red lip, but it’s a fast make up look because the face needs very little else to keep it looking fresh and modern.   Make sure your lips are not dry.  

 First apply lip balm, let it absorb, so you don’t want your lips to be too greasy.   Use a bit of your foundation or concealer to prime the lips and take out the redness for a uniform base.

Apply lipstick with a brush, as it helps to work the colour into the lips. Define your lip line after you have applied colour for a softer outline you can even use a nude lip pencil. 

Blot with a tissue for a slightly worn-in, velvety finish.

Remember to pack your chosen shade for touch-ups throughout the night.

 Forever on trend, make the classic, sexy smoky eye your ultimate party make up must have.  You want to look like you have made an effort, but you want to spend your evening checking your reflection.

Use the darkest shadow to shape, work in a sideways ‘V’ socket, out to the corner of the eye, close along the lash line.   New blend and scalp your eyes to flatter their natural shape.

 So heavier in smokiness if you have no defined socket, keep it softer if you naturally have a much defined socket if your eyes are quite close together. 

 Blend a lighter shimmering smoky grey all over the eyelid and into the deeper shade.  

 Avoid brow bone if your skin is dry. 

Shake excess eye shadow off the brush before applying to your face. This will leave less residue powder on our face.  

Remove residue with a clean big blush brush and then blend some foundation over the dark shadowed areas.  

Place the lightest colour on your brow bone, below your eyebrow and the darkest tones on the outside corners of the eyelid. Always blend well. Use complementary colours to make eyes pop, like purple or orange  tones.  

Remember to spread foundation over the eyelid when applying it to the face.   This will help the eye shadow stick better.   Keep dark smoky eyes for night and the bright tones for the day.

Until next week. 

 Stay Fabulous. You can contact Lucretia at lucretiam06@gmail.com


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