How Long Can Putin Wait?


A person might think that revulsion in “the world community” against Washington’s wanton slaughter of civilians in eight countries would have led to War Crimes Tribunal warrants issued for the arrest of presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and many officials in their regimes. But the vocal part of “the world community”– the West – has become inured to Washington’s crimes against humanity and doesn’t bother to protest.  Indeed, many of these governments are complicit in Washington’s crimes, and there could just as well be arrest warrants for members of European governments.

The one exception is Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry has published a White Book on violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine. 

Propagandised Americans think that all the violations in Ukraine are made by Russians.  

The White Book documents reported violations that occurred in Ukraine for four months from December 2013 through March 2014.

You will not hear much or anything about it from the presstitute US and European media.

The facts are so greatly at odds with the West’s position that the White Book is a huge embarrassment to the West.

The slaughter of Ukrainians on Washington’s orders by the government in Kiev has worsened considerably in the past three months, producing more than 100 000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing into Russia for protection.

Russian efforts to involve Washington, the European Union, and Kiev in negotiations to find a peaceful settlement have failed.

Washington is not interested in a settlement. Disturbed by its NATO vassals’ dependence on Russian energy and the growing economic relationships between Russia and Europe, Washington is at work through its Kiev proxy murdering citizens in eastern and southern parts of present-day Ukraine.

Washington has declared these civilians to be “terrorists” and is trying to force Russia to intervene militarily in order to protect them. Russia’s protective intervention would then be denounced by Washington as “invasion and annexation.” 

Washington would use this propaganda, which would blare from the Western media, to pressure Europe to support Washington’s sanctions against Russia. 

The sanctions would effectively destroy the existing economic relationships between Russia and Europe.

Washington has not yet succeeded in imposing sanctions, because, although European allies, are willing, business interests in Germany, France, and Italy stand opposed.  Washington is hoping that by forcing Russia to act, Washington can sufficiently demonise Russia and silence the European business interests with propaganda.

To counter Washington’s ploy, Putin had the Russian Duma rescind his authority to send Russian forces into Ukraine. Unlike Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Putin does not claim the authority to use military forces without permission from the legislature.

Washington’s response to Putin’s stand down is to increase the slaughter of civilians. Washington does not acknowledge the existence of a slaughter although everyone knows that Kiev would not dare to take on Russia without Washington’s backing.

Putin’s bet is that European business interests will prevail over Washington’s European lap dogs. This is a hopeful and optimistic bet, but Washington is already at work threatening to undermine the resistance of European business interests. Using concocted charges, Washington has stolen US$9 billion from France’s largest bank doing business with countries disapproved by Washington. 

This was Washington’s warning to European business to comply with Washington’s sanctions. Washington even told France that the fine would be rescinded or reduced if France broke its contract with Russia to supply two helicopter carriers. 

Washington’s arrogance that it can decide with whom a French bank can do business is astonishing.  

It is even more astonishing that France and the bank would accept such arrogance and infringement of France’s sovereignty. France’s acceptance of Washington’s hegemony shows that one risk in Putin’s bet is that the bet assumes European business interests can prevail over Washington’s strategic interest.

The longer the slaughter goes on, the more complicit the Russian government becomes. 

A Russian intervention, which previously would have met with easy success, becomes more costly and more drawn out as Kiev’s forces increase.

As Washington acknowledges no responsibility whatsoever for the situation, how long can Putin wait for Merkel or Hollande to break ranks with Washington?

Putin’s alternative is to come to the defense of the Ukrainians, who are being attacked. Putin could accept the requests of the rebellious provinces to rejoin Russia as he did with Crimea, declare Washington’s stooge, Petro Poroshenko, to be a war criminal and issue a warrant for his arrest, and send in the Russian military to face down the forces sent by Kiev.

Outside the West, this would establish Putin as a defender of human rights. Inside the West it would make it completely clear to Washington’s European vassals that the consequence of their alignment with Washington is that they will be drawn into war with Russia and, likely, also with China. Europeans have nothing to gain from these wars.

Sooner than later Putin needs to realise that his reasonableness is not reciprocated by Washington.  He has done what he can to avoid conflict. Now he needs to do the right thing, as he did in Georgia and Crimea. – Counterpunch

July 2014
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