Stylish Office Wear


Dressing for work does not mean you cannot tastefully show off your nice figure.  Dress code varies depending on the company you work for and your position.  The good news is that there are always creative ways to style up your work outfits! You may have not too much freedom with choosing the hemline of your office skirt, but you definitely can when it comes to choosing silhouettes, colours, fabrics and accessories. 

If you work in a more relaxed environment, you will have licence to play with style.  Fitted shift dresses are safe for most offices, and you can go solid or play with a pattern. If you work in a laid-back or fashionable environment, pair a more body-conscious dress with a long-sleeve top, and belt it to cover the dress.

When trying to create a more stylish office wardrobe, it is smart to start small rather than with a full-on trendy look. To keep the balance, try wearing a more adventurous piece on top with a basic piece on bottom. 

One popular trend that is safe for the office is playing with coloured or patterned pants.  Whether it is a floral, polka dot, geometric or abstract print it is best to stick with chino, linen or cotton versions rather than denim for the office. Pair it with a blazer to attain a professional look and balance out the playful pants.

Animal prints always look modern and can work in most office environments when styled correctly.  Add a blazer on top to let the print pop from underneath.

One quick way to add style to any look is through accessories like jewellery, belts, handbags and shoes. For an instantly updated look, layer multiple necklaces, mixing pearls, gems and chains.  Play with bold and chunky statement necklaces, rings and belts to help spruce up even the simplest of work outfits. 

Add a bright shoe to an otherwise neutral look or going for a handbag with a playful print to add some drama to a solid dress.  Spice up your outfit with a red purse, shoes, and some jewellry, and you are good to go! 

If your company’s dress code is very strict, and you are limited to wearing neutral colours and classy dark bottom-light top, you can style up your look by throwing in some trendy accessories such as a statement necklace, a patterned wide belt and coloured purse. Your work outfits may be limited to just classy pants, shirts and jackets, but these staples of any work wardrobe can really stand out by colour or print.  If your company’s dress code allows some freedom with bright colours and prints, wear them.

Pencil skirts 

They flatter pretty much any figure; they are ideal for wearing to an office and they never go out of style. If your work environment is more creative than formal, then you can probably go for a printed dress to wear to an office. 

 Your dress just has to be the length appropriate for wearing to work.  Combine your printed dress with a monochrome fitted jacket for creating more formal look. It’s totally ok, to  look up to fashion designers just for inspiration – we just want to find ideas which we can apply to our everyday outfits  knowing that our job is what we get dressed for five days a week – so we might as well look. Go ahead and have some fun with your work outfits! There are many fashion trends which can be appropriate for wearing even in conservative work environments.


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